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Chapter 289: Layout

Translator: Lonelytree

I stopped bugging her.

I led my people and left.

Back in the car, I asked Tan Si, “Brother Si, so”

Tan Si handed me her phone, “Sister Xing, Ive recorded everything.”

I looked through the video briefly.

Then I sent it to Qu Hao and Du Heng, the big mans assistant.

I didnt add any words.

I did not expect them to do anything.

I only needed the video as my alibi.

I had lost faith and trust in Mai Qis brother and father.

My goal was to anger Mrs.

Mai, and it was successful.

“Get Mai Qi to somewhere safe.

Dont wake her up yet.

Dont let anyone find her.” I ordered.

Tan Si was a little worried.

“Sister Xing, this will offend many people.”

I glanced at him.

“Brother Si, are you afraid”

Tan Si immediately sat up straight and shook his head.

“Im not afraid.

Im just worried that it will affect your future.”

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I smiled.

“Everyone wants to mess with my future.

Even if I dont do anything, they will come after me.

In that case, I might as well stir up trouble before they do.”

Su Qian snapped her fingers.

She smiled.

“Its time for Sky City to shine.

Brother Si, let Gao Jing and Gao Da see what the four of you are really made of!”

Tan Si sat up straight.


Su Qian and I shared a look through the rearview mirror.

Tan Si and his group were no longer the same hooligans who I entrapped at the old manor.

“Sister Xing, why are we only watching over that Shi Feng Wouldnt it be easier if we kidnapped him too” Tan Si asked.

I shook my head.

“Just keep him busy.

Find a few more girls and tell them that if they can keep Young Master Shi Feng occupied, they will be paid double.

Remove his bodyguards and make sure he is not brought any updates! No words shall reach him!”

Tan Si nodded and made the call to arrange everything.

But when he put down the phone, he had a puzzled look on his face.

He didnt dare to ask me to clarify.

I smiled.

“If Mai Qi went missing, who would be the most suspicious”

Tan Si looked at me but said nothing.

I chuckled, “Youre right, it would be me.”

Then it dawned on Tan Si.

“So we were arguing with that woman to prove that it was not you who did it Because we were at her place when Miss Mai was captured!”

I nodded.

Tan Si gave me a thumbs up.

“Sister Xing, you are brilliant.

How did I not think of that So the recording would prove this has nothing to do with us”

I thought about it.

“Yes and no.

I sent the video to Mai Qis brother and father because I wanted to know what theyd do, but no matter what, it has nothing to do with me.

“I just want them to know my stance.

If possible, I dont want to go against them, but I am not afraid of them.

Mai Qi is my friend.

She is my friend because she is Mai Qi and not because she is from that family.

I wont intervene in their family politics but they cant stop me from dealing with this incident my way.

“Ever since Sky City was founded, we were in the shadows of Dragons Gate and Ardent Flame Alliance.

They treat you guys like how little uncle and Jing Tian treat me.

This is not what I want, and Im sure its not what you want either..

So lets start carving our name in history.

Brother Si, what do you say”


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