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Chapter 290: Evidence

Translator: Lonelytree

Tan Si rubbed his hands together.

“Sister Xing, we will always serve you! Just point us the way.

We will go through hell for you!”

I was comforted by their loyalty.

When I returned home, I changed into my casual clothes.

Then Sister Li rushed in to tell me.

“Miss, someone has broken into our estate.

The guard said you told him to not stop them.

Whats going on”

I waved at her.

“Sister Li, we have guests, just serve them like usual.”

This was my little uncles place, I didnt think anyone would do anything too out of line.


Mai stomped in angrily.

Behind her were four bodyguards, Gu Yan and Ye Qian.

Ye Qians eyes met mine before she turned away.

In this situation, we were enemies.

She might have misgivings but I couldnt care less.

“Nanxing, where have you hidden Mai Qi”

I nestled comfortably on the sofa and didnt move.

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Gu Yan held Mrs.


“Godmother, you need to be careful.” Then she frowned coldly at me.

“Nanxing, youre a real rogue.

Is this how your greet your guests”

I looked at her and said directly, “Yes, this is how I treat uninvited guests.

You stand in my house and insult me, how am I the rogue and not you Im already very polite for not chasing you out, Miss Gu!”

Gu Yan glared at me because she was at a loss for words.


Mai jumped at me but was pulled back by Ye Qian.

“Madam, calm down!”

“Wheres Mai Qi Where have you taken Mai Qi” Her eyes were shooting fire.

I asked in shock.

“Mai Qi Madam, what are you playing at I just came back from your house and you refused to let me see her.

Now youre turning around to ask me for Mai Qi Shouldnt she be with you Why are you asking me”

“Who are you to be so impolite to godmother” Gu Yan roared.

I glanced at her.

“What is your problem How am I not polite to her Do you want me to bow down to her as you do How did you manage to grow up with such low EQ anyway”

“You…” Gu Yans face was red with anger.

But it was not her show today.


Mai pulled her away.

“Mai Qi is gone! Nanxing, I know its you! Hand over Mai Qi now or I will not forgive you!”

I finally saw the tigress jump into action.

I stood up and crossed my arms in front of my chest.

I confronted Mrs.


“When did Mai Qi disappear From what you said, it was when I was at your place.

Do you think I can be so powerful to argue with you and snatch Mai Qi away at the same time You think too highly of me.”

“It has to be you! There cant be anyone else!” Mrs.

Mai pointed at me.

I scoffed.

“Madam, at least you have to give me some evidence.

You cant go around framing people.

If you want, you can call the police and get a search warrant to search this place.”


Mai sneered.

“Evidence Ill have that evidence when I find Mai Qi here! Why do we need to involve the police Its a waste of public resources.

Men, go and turn this place upside down! You will not stop until you find the young miss!” Mrs.

Mai ordered his bodyguards.

The burly bodyguards obliged.

I raised my voice.


Mai, you have no right to search my house!”


Mai said coldly, “So what Lets see what you can do to stop me!”

The bodyguards moved in a well-trained manner.

Sister Li, who was upstairs, shrieked..

Then there was the sound of porcelain shattering.


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