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Chapter 292: Losing Money

I smiled.


Mai, do you really think Im that stupid Whats the police before you Plus why should I involve the police You can easily turn the situation on me and send me in jail instead.”

I sent the video to Qu Hao and Du Heng.

I opened my phone and sent a voice message to Qu Hao.


Qu Hao, this is what Mrs.

Mai did at my house.

My request isnt high.

I only need you to repay ten times the value of the items that have been broken.

The flower pot is from Qing Dynasty, its not expensive, at most 200,000 RMB.

I havent checked the other china around the house.

Make up the price yourself.

Ill send you my bank account number.”

The message was sent and I saw Mrs.

Mais face shift.

I then prepared another voice message.

“Brother Du Heng, this is what Mrs.

Mai did at my house.

For all the damaged objects, please compensate me with ten times the price.

The flower pot is a Qing Dynasty antique, it costs at most 200,000 RMB.

Look through the video and youll find the other damaged objects.

I will send you my bank account number!” And… sent.

When I said the name, Du Heng, Mrs.

Mai pounced at me.

She startled Ye Qian and Gu Yan.

They subconsciously stopped her.

I then added another message for Du Heng, “Ive sent the same message and video to Qu Hao but you two are going to pay me separately.

After all, you two are not from the same camp.”


Mai screamed.

“I will pay for the damages myself! You dont need to bring them into this!”

I chuckled.

“Its too late now.

Madam, you showed no compunction destroying anything and anyone here.

So why would I trust your words I have no choice but to seek compensation elsewhere.

Thankfully there are still sensible people in this world.”

My phone pinged.

I smiled brightly.

There was another ping.

My smile grew wider.

I showed them my phone and the messages from both parties.

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I smiled.


Mai, if you feel like venting, feel free to smash some more.

Ive already earned ten million thanks to you.

You are too kind to me.”


Mai was furious.

If Ye Qian hadnt stopped her, she would have pounced on me already.

“You brat! I will kill you!” Mrs.

Mai roared.

“Guards!” I shouted.

Tan Si and Su Qian rushed out from the side hall.


Mai stopped for a moment.

I ordered coldly, “Escort these three women out! And the men, break their legs before they leave!”

I turned and went upstairs.

I didnt even look at them.

Do they want to challenge me Since Sky City needs something to establish our name, I should thank them for helping me.


Mai wouldnt have ended up like this if she didnt purposely try to test death.

If I didnt send her back into her gilded cage, I would not remain as Sky Citys Sister Xing!

I had to make the other Brothers understand that they could not stop me by sending a retarded woman.

If they dared to do it, then they had to bear the consequences.

I also wanted Qu Hao and his father to understand that I am a woman of my words.

But they better not test me.

If they kept up this charade, I would take more serious steps.

The monetary loss was just a small warning!

They used their own daughter and sister as chess pieces and tools.

It was a big game for them and they expected me to trust them

In their dreams!


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