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Chapter 293: Voluntary

Translator: Lonelytree

I changed and had Jing Tians driver use his car to ferry me out.

When we passed my house, I saw Su Qian and Tan Si throwing out the bodyguards.


Mai, Ye Qian, and Gu Yan stood shivering beside their car.

I believed the place was filled with spies from various sects.

I would make an example out of these hapless women.

Su Shen placed the unconscious Mai Qi on the bed.

I looked around the room and I was furious.

I order Su Shen, “Tie her up!”

Su Shen was startled.

“Bind her and then wake her up.

Let her experience what true terror is!” I ordered coldly.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Mai Qi planned to sacrifice herself for her mother.


Mai was too ignorant to know this was a trap but Mai Qi chose to jump into it knowing it was one.

In that case, I would help her understand the evils of the world.

Su Shen and I retreated to the bathroom next door.

Shi Feng was a real pervert because the mirror in the bathroom was double-sided.

When one was standing before the mirror, one could see clearly into the bedroom.

At that moment, Mai Qi was soundly asleep on the pink bed.

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I glanced at the time.

I pressed the remote to turn on the monitor in the bedroom.

Su Shen was worried.

“Miss Jing Ni was traumatized from this.

Arent you worried about Miss Mai Qi”

I shook my head.

“Jing Ni has been living under pressure since she was young.

She suffered mental pressure constantly and she forced herself to be strong for her mother.

But internally, she was already close to breaking down.

Shi Fengs perversion was the last straw that broke the camels back.

“But Mai Qi is different! Mai Qi was spoiled since she was born and due to her family, she is used to the evils in the peoples hearts.

Her constitution is very strong because of it.

I believe this is the first time she made a decision against her heart to help her mother.

The only way to help her is to make her realize her mistakes, to let her see the consequences of her actions.

Or else even if we saved her, she would still fall into the fire pit for her mother.”

This was why I could not rely on Mai Qis brother or father.

They knew Mai Qi very well.

They understood that since Mai Qi was willing, even if they wanted to help, they couldnt do anything.

After all, this was Mai Qis decision to make.

Mai Qi woke up and saw the room filled with pink decorations and all sorts of strange things.

They were placed on the table, on the ground and some even hung from the ceiling.

It was a dazzling and confusing sight.

If I didnt know what happened to Jing Ni, I wouldnt know these things either.

I asked Su Shen, “Have you contacted little uncle”

Su Shen nodded.

“Master Si has been notified but he said nothing.” The thought of Jing Ni made my hatred for Shi Feng burn even more.

The panicked Mai Qi finally noticed the monitor which had been switched on.

Mai Qis face was pale because the monitor was playing a video of Shi Feng with the other women.

The volume was lowered to the minimum but one could still hear the womens cries for help and Shi Fengs lewd laughter.

Mai Qis trussed-up body shrunk towards the headboard..

Finally, she understood what the room of grotesque items was for.



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