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Chapter 297: Confession

Mai Qi stopped pacing.

She looked at me.

“My brother is still at M City!”

I nodded.

Finally, her brain was working again.

Mai Qi muttered to herself.

“I havent seen him in years already.

How could I be so stupid and believe him when he said he was here just for business when he saved me from my mother Even if he was here for business, after saving me, he would have looked into the people my mother had been interacting with.

“Wait, thats wrong.

The Brothers have made such a big move, its impossible for my brother to just find out about it now.” She turned to me and asked in doubt.

“My brother has been here all along because of the troubles created by my mother”

I shook my head lightly.

“Is that really important”

Mai Qi was silent.

After a long while, she nodded.

“Youre right, its not important.

Since my brother is here, it means that my mothers actions have been under his surveillance.

He knows what she and the others have been doing.

He hasnt made any move because he is either waiting for them to fight it out among themselves or he is waiting for the trap to be sprung!”

She shivered.

I still said nothing because there was nothing for me to say.

Mai Qi was very clever.

“Nanxing, what about my mother” Her voice shook.

I walked forward to hold her hand.

“Mai Qi, your mother is your fathers wife.”

Mai Qis hands trembled as she looked at me.

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“Do you remember the government case we did earlier”

Mai Qi hesitated before nodding.

“We are not paid for that job because the reward is not money.

It is your freedom.” I admitted.

Mai Qi looked at me with confusion.

I brushed her long hair behind her ear.

“Your father gave me that case.

Why Because were the most suitable candidate.

He wont touch the 7 Brothers because it will tip the balance too much.

He could have ordered me to complete the job without any reward but he still gave me one.

He knew I would take the job because I want to give you your freedom.

But I cant give you the freedom if he didnt provide it to me in the first place.

Mai Qi, he loves you very much.”

Mai Qi gasped and looked at me in great shock.

I stood there quietly for her to digest my revelation.

After a long time, Mai Qi asked in a trembling voice, “Nanxing, is it true”

I nodded slowly.

“Its true.

I even extorted five million each from your brother and father.

But I knew they only obliged because I gave them your account number.

The vase was fake, it was only worth several thousand dollars.

They should be able to tell that.”

“He said he would give me my freedom” Mai Qis voice was deep with disbelief.

I smiled and nodded.

“Yes, freedom for the rest of your life.

Youre a free person with free choices be it in marriage or in life.

You wont be coerced by anyone anymore.

Youre free.”

Mai Qi looked at me, tears gradually gathering in her eyes.

I nodded again.

“Its your payment for working on that case.”

“Nanxing.” Mai Qi only managed to say my name before she broke down in tears again.

I took two steps forward and held her in my arms.

“Mai Qi, you are free.

Youve earned your freedom with your own hands.”

Mai Qi hugged me tightly.

I patted her back.

“They all love you.

Your father and your brother have always cared about you.

They merely use their own way to look after you.

So you need to look after yourself.

No matter what happens, you need to find a solution and not sacrifice yourself.

Self-sacrifice is never a solution.

Do you understand”

Mai Qi rested her head on my shoulder and nodded.


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