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Chapter 303: Sensitivity

I rubbed my temples.

Why did I have to come up with that lie

Auntie Lan said gently, “So youre Nanxings little uncle.

She has told me all about you.

Thank you for taking her in.

The poor child, I like her a lot.

She has been accompanying me for half the day already.

I was about to send her back.

Its perfect that youve come to fetch her.

Then I dont need to worry about her anymore.

I have something to discuss with Jing Tian.

Nanxing, Ill see you tomorrow!”

Jing Tian and Tong Le were shocked.

Auntie Lan pulled Jing Tian away.

“Lets go in.

Mother has something to talk about with you.”

Jing Tian turned to tell Tong Le.

“Ill call you later.” Tong Le nodded.

I pulled on Tong Les hand and dragged him home.

“Jing Tians mother doesnt like me.

Why” Tong Le was confused.

“Thats not true.

Youre too sensitive.” I turned away from him.


Im sure of it.” Tong Le was very certain.

“Hows Jing Ni” I quickly changed the subject.

“Hmm, she should wake up tomorrow afternoon.

Remember to go to the hospital to accompany her after school.

Jing Tian and I have something else to do.” His attention was successfully distracted.

“Got it.

Ill be there after class.

Leave her with me.

I wonder if Jing Ni will finally heal this time.” I was worried.

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Tong Le said optimistically.

“She should be fine.

Her treatment has gone for so long already.

She wants to get better.”

I hesitated before saying.

“Little uncle, you…” I still couldnt bring myself to ask.

Tong Le glared at me.

“You want to ask about my relationship with her again”

I sighed and nodded.

“I had to say those things back then.

It was a temporary measure and the best solution.

What else could I do” Tong Le said.

“I know.

But little uncle, dont you like her at all Jing Ni is a very good girl!”

Tong Le smiled wryly.

“She is your friend and I am your uncle.

Thats all.

Nanxing, you shouldnt worry too much or youll get old so soon!”

“But you admitted she was your fiance before everyone.

Jing Tian was there too!” I was still worried.

“Well, do you think there was a better solution back then It was just a stopgap solution.

Matters of the heart cant be forced.

Dont worry, Ill talk to her after she recovers.

As for the others, why should we care about what they think I didnt need to rely on them so let them say whatever they want!” Tong Le shrugged.

“But… But if you dont stay together, who would marry you in the future” My mother was no longer around so I had to make sure my uncle got his happy ending on her behalf!

Tong Le knocked on my forehead.

“Mind your own business before you mind mine!”

I held my head and groaned, “Dont hit my head.

What if you knocked me silly”

He grabbed my shoulders and tickled my forehead.

“Alright, Sister Xing, stop being so childish.

Youre already a big character who has made a name for herself.

Speaking of, I heard Old Master Jing didnt like you so how did you get along so well with his wife Whats going on”

I once again changed the subject.

“Little uncle, did you encounter any danger when you were abroad Someone threatened me with your safety! I was so mad!”

Tong Le huffed.

“What danger Who dares to threaten you through me!”


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