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Chapter 309: Brewing

Auntie Lan was a woman of great wisdom.

Her confidence was not blind.

I decided to heed Auntie Lans advice.

I stopped being so careful around Jing Ni and tried to interact with her like how we used to.

Since Mai Qi was not around, Jing Ni and I went everywhere together.

However, neither of us stayed in the dorm.

Lu Yan also rarely appeared at the dorm.

I told Jing Ni about Lu Yan.

Jing Ni said lightly, “Everyone has their difficulty to face, but those who trample on other peoples lives must die a horrible death!”

I looked at Jing Ni in shock.

Jing Ni wouldnt say such harsh words in the past.

Jing Nis gaze was glued to the computer screen.

She was extremely busy.

Out of curiosity, I moved over to look, and it shocked me to my core.

“Ni Ni” I called out softly.

Jing Nis eyes slowly moved away from the screen to look at me.

I was silent.

“Nanxing, will you stop me” Jing Ni asked.

I shook my head and looked her in the eyes.

“Ni Ni, how can I help”

Jing Nis eyes watered before she turned her head away.

“Thank you, Nanxing, but I need to do this on my own.”

“Alright, know that you always have my support.” I placed my hand on her shoulder.

Jing Ni trembled indiscernibly.

Jing Nis wounds hadnt recovered fully.

She merely pushed them deep down into her heart.

She had returned, but she had returned wearing full armor.

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Suddenly, news about Shi Feng exploded on the internet.

Sex dungeons under Shi Fengs name were registered at every Shi Family hotel.

Every room was pink in color.

Sex toys were featured everywhere.

There were so many of them that it was enough to open an adult sex store.

The young masters nest of sex dungeons became the hot topic among many netizens, arousing envy and disgust simultaneously.

Shi Feng once again became the public target.

A particularly active netizen provided endless news about Shi Feng.

These included the crazy clothes and makeup Shi Feng liked his women to wear.

There was an article where Shi Feng was shown to be hiding in the hotel closet while he peeped on innocent girls.

These were all Shi Fengs sexual perversions.

They were technically harmless, but they definitely got a lot of attention.

Shi Feng was trending for two days.

More people got interested in hishobby.

This got the ball rolling, and more people provided scandals about Young Master Shi.

An internet whirlpool surrounded Shi Feng.

The vortex grew larger and spun faster.

One day, the picture of a naked girl covered in blood on a pink bed was released online.

The girl was bloody and bruised.

No one cared about her nakedness because everything else was too shocking.

The netizens speculated whether the girl, who faced down, was still alive.

Concerned citizens called the police.

Based on the picture, someone confirmed the location was taken at one of Shi Family hotels.

Comparing that to the previous news about Shi Feng, it was affirmed that the picture was taken in one of his sex dungeons!

This was a murder, at least according to the internet.

But the police couldnt open a case because there was no concrete evidence.

The public was furious, but there was nothing they could do.

Instead of looking into the possible murder, the police started an investigation into the people who started the rumors on the internet.

Many bloggers and YouTubers who shared the news were issued warnings.

This caused people to become even angrier.

It was clear that there was a bigger power at work.

And this power was strong enough to influence the police.

This united the internet in a rare moment.

And they came to a decision.


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