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Chapter 310: Fermentation

Translator: Lonelytree

The netizens focused their eyes on the public security department.

If the police did anything out of place, they would be reported and denounced on the internet.

Everyone at the public security department was told to keep their mouths shut.


Another piece of explosive news was released on the internet during this tense moment.

This time, it was not a photo but a video.

A naked Shi Feng whipped a woman rolling on the ground.

The womans long hair covered her face.

But the wounds on her body had spoken aplenty.

Shi Feng said many dirty things, and he cackled salaciously.

The womans shrill cries were helpless and heart-chilling.

The internet was in an uproar.

The online platform of the public security department was swamped.

An official arrest for Shi Feng was issued.

Since Shi Feng was in the ICU at Shi Familys hospital, the police couldnt do anything to him.

However, if the police still didnt do anything, the internet would swallow them alive.

The internet thundered.

More negative press about Shi Feng appeared.

More peoples attention was grabbed.


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The Shi Corporations stocks began to plummet.

Shi Li finally made his move.

His son was important, but his company was more important.

The assistant reported, “The news about young master was leaked from a few big websites.

The other party is an expert in computer technology and public relations.

They started by slowly gathering the attention of the public before dropping a bomb.

We were too late.

We should have stopped the news when it was still about young masters prostitution and sexual hobbies.

The other party wants the young master dead!”

Shi Lis expression was extremely grave.


“You cant find out who did this”

The assistant said carefully.

“No, the other party is very careful.

I cant follow their trails.”

“Has Shi Feng offended anyone recently”Shi Li asked.

The assistant offered, “Young master has a hot temper.

He would quarrel with his friends from time to time.

But he hasnt offended anyone but…” The assistant stopped.

Shi Li keenly sensed the pause and demanded, “Just say whats on your mind.”

The assistant continued in a lower voice.

“Young master got into an argument with Miss Mai Qi recently… And I heard Miss Mai Qi got seriously ill because of it.”


Shi Li couldnt help but frown.

“Is Miss Mai Qi in M City now”

The assistant shook his head.

“Im not sure.”

Shi Li stopped talking.


I put away my binoculars and took off my earphones.

I told Jing Ni everything I had just heard and seen.

Jing Ni sneered.

“This is just the beginning.”

She grabbed the beer beside her to take a sip.


I couldnt help but ask, “Ni Ni, what do you plan to do next”

The corners of Jing Nis lips curled up slightly.

“To crush the Shi Family.”

I didnt say anything.

Jing Ni put her hands behind her head and leaned back on the chair.

“Death is easy, and living is hard.

Sad that Shi Feng and his father dont understand that.

No matter, we shall teach them this lesson.”

Jing Ni planned everything from start to finish.

She didnt allow me to interfere.

All I could do was stand by her side to cheer for her.

I had this feeling that Jing Ni had changed.

It was like she had been reborn like I did.

Her way of living was totally different.

But I knew deep inside.

Jing Ni was still Jing Ni.

But on the surface, she became so decisive and cold-blooded.

Jing Ni was never like this in the past.

As they say, suffering was the best ingredient to make one grow.


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