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Chapter 319: Reunion

Translator: Lonelytree

It was unclear what the three men discussed in their meeting, but who cares!

Jing Ni and I finallyreconciled.

Even though her heart was riddled with holes, she was still my Jing Ni.

Auntie Lan and Auntie Bai Rui, people from two extremes, blended together harmoniously.

Jing Tians anger towards Jing Ni hadnt subsided.

He glanced at her indifferently.

Jing Ni lowered her head.

Jing Tian turned to Auntie Bai Rui.

“Third sister-in-law, Jing Nis house has been classified as a dangerous house due to structural problems.

You can stay with me for the time being.

My mothers physical condition isnt so well so I hope you can spend more time with her.

Ill feel more at ease with you around.”

Jing Ni and I looked at Jing Tian in unison.

The man sure knows how to lie! No one other than Auntie Bai Rui would have believed the lie about the sudden structural problem!

Jing Tian glared at us, “And you two, dont forget youre still students.

Ill be watching your schoolwork.

Do you want me to discipline you like you were in the third year of high school”

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Jing Ni and I lowered our heads to listen to his lecture.

He was pulling out the senior and teacher card.

Auntie Lan pushed her son away with a smile.

“Save that for your students.

Come, Nanxing, and Jing Ni, well ignore him.

In this house, he doesnt have the final say, I do.

If he does anything out of line, come to me, and Ill teach him a lesson! Hmph!”

Jing Tian looked at his mother helplessly.

Tong Le and Qu Hao watched Jing Tian being embarrassed with great interest.

Auntie Lan pulled me over and whispered, “Who is the new man”

I looked at Qu Hao and whispered back, “He is Jing Tians good friend.

They go way back.”

Auntie Lan nodded.

“Later, youre going to sit beside Jing Tian and separate them from each other!”

I was speechless.

I didnt know whether this was a blessing or a curse.

Jing Ni was confused.

I had to pull Jing Ni away to tell her what realized happened.

Jing Ni laughed at my expense, but I was glad to see her laughing again.

During the meal, I followed Auntie Lans instructions and sat between my little uncle and Jing Tian.

Jing Tian glanced at me in surprise and Tong Le with bafflement.

Auntie Lan caught everything, and her gaze on the two men darkened further.

Fortunately, Qu Hao was unaware of all this.

He was more focused on Jing Ni.


Because I told Jing Ni the truth before the dinner, she had been trying hard to hold back the smile on her face.

She was no longer so aloof.

She became more like the naive Jing Ni I knew.

Mai Qi returned, and we met in the dorm.

The three of us hugged each other.

Jing Ni and Mai Qi were my best friends.

We were the same as before.

We were no longer the same as before.

Mainly, Jing Ni was no longer Jing Ni, and Mai Qi was no longer Mai Qi.

Fortunately, our friendship was still there, everlasting.

We decided to go out for a good meal, to celebrate.

When Mai Qi found out Jing Ni also had an underworld kill order on her, she was very unhappy

“Im going to put my picture on the darknet too!” Mai Qi gritted her teeth.

Jing Ni and I looked at her.

“My dear princess, we were being foolish for doing what we did.

Why would you want to repeat our mistake”

Jing Ni pursed her lips and smiled, “Mai Qi, you better dont ever have that idea.

After all, you have your background to consider.”

Mai Qi looked like a deflated balloon.

“But this makes me feel so left out.

Im the only one without a kill order.”

I patted her head.

“Dont be silly! Hurry us and book us a booth! That shall be your mission from now on!”


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