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Chapter 322: Accountability

Translator: Lonelytree

Mai Qi smiled and said, “You guys are at each others throats the moment you meet.

I found it pretty interesting.

Why dont we sit down and have a good talk Wouldnt it be better to talk it out rather than scheming against each other in the dark”

Right, another one who couldnt wait to see the world burn.

Ye Qian and I looked at each other.

Without a doubt, she was hoping I could stop Mai Qi and Jing Ni.

But the problem was, even if I could, could Ye Qian stop Jing Yan and Gu Yan

“Ahem!” Old Master Jing coughed.

All of us quieted down.

After all, he was the elder.

“You girls are always chattering when you see each other.

Dont you have any manners Jing Ni, I heard that youd offended your older brother and sister recently.

Youre not a child anymore.

You should know better than that!

“According to the Jing family rules, the elder siblings have to take care of their younger siblings.

Jing Yan and Jing Ning have done that well.

So how can you be so disrespectful towards them They have taken good care of you since you lost your father.

You shouldnt vent your emotions on them! Youre getting more insensible as you get older!”

Mai Qi and I looked at the old man in shock.

He had literally turned the plot upside down!

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I looked at Jing Ning and Jing Yan.

They had disdainful smiles on their faces.

I was so angry I could feel the veins on my forehead popping.

I was about to say something when Jing Ni pulled me behind her and nudged me towards Mai Qi.

Jing Nis hands were clenched into fists.

I knew she was extremely angry.

However, her voice was steady and calm, “Grandpa, thank you for your lesson.

I lost my father when I was young.

It was thanks to grandfathers pity that we were allowed to live in the Jing family.

My mother and I are eternally grateful.

Im sure my father is also appreciative of grandfather.”

Old Master Jing looked relieved but also a bit discomfited.

The old man knew that he couldnt honestly say he had taken special care of his third sons widow and daughter.

After all, Old Master Jing was very busy and had no time to spare for them.

However, Jing Ni and her mother were well-fed and well-clothed when they were at the Jing family, so that was good enough for Old Master Jing.

“But grandpa, did the Jing family raise me to use me in exchange for benefits”

Old Master Jing couldnt help but be startled.

Jing Ni smiled.

“Or the Jing family has lowered to the point where they have to sell their daughters to curry favor with the rich and powerful”

“Jing Ni! What nonsense are you talking about” Jing Ning slammed the armrest of the sofa and stood up.

Mai Qi and I held each others hands tightly.

We had to remind each other that even if Jing Ning physically assaulted Jing Ni, we couldnt do anything because this was the Jing Familys internal affair.

Jing Ni had to deal with this on her own.

Once we intervened, it would make things worse for Jing Ni.

Old Master Jing was very displeased.

“Jing Ni, what are you talking about”

Jing Ni didnt even look at Jing Ning.

“Grandfather, you have no idea why I have offended big brother and sister Maybe they only told you about my disobedience but didnt tell you about the incidents that led towards it.”

Old Master Jing was stumped.

He glared at us standing behind Jing Ni.

He said coldly, “You still cant differentiate whos your friend and whos your foe.

Your brother and sister treated you so well, but you have to turn towards some outsiders.

Clearly, youve picked up some bad habits from them.

Your brother and sister are looking out for you, so they wanted to teach you a lesson.

What is wrong with that”

Jing Ni had fully calmed down.

She even loosened her clenched fists.

“Grandfather, youre right..

I am a member of the Jing family, so it is acceptable for my elder brother and sister to discipline me.

But grandfather, my question is still the same, does the Jing family need to marry their daughter to the rich and powerful in exchange for benefits”


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