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Chapter 326: Have Your Back

If there were awords could kill competition, no one would dare fight for first place with Auntie Lan.

Mai Qi and I gripped each others hands to stop the other from laughing out loud.

The domineering presence on Old Master Jing dissolved completely.

He walked over with an embarrassed smile.

“When did you come back Didnt you say you were cultivating new breeds of orchid in the greenhouse Youre done”

As he spoke, he placed his hand on Auntie Lans shoulder.

Auntie Lan shook her shoulder and knocked Old Master Jings hand back.

She rolled her eyes at him.

“Breeding orchids While I was gardening, you took the advantage to offend my guests! You even wanted to chase away my Jing Ni.

Jeng De, Im telling you.

Ive taken a liking to Jing Ni.

None of you from the Jing Family is allowed to bully her anymore!

“That Jing Tian is so unreliable.

I dont know when hell be able to marry and if Ill be alive to see a grandchild.

Therefore, I will look after this granddaughter for now.

The girl is pretty, and her personality matches mine.

From now on, I will look after her.

From her marriage to her childbirth, I will always be there! Ill see who dares to stop me!”

Naturally, no one dared to stop her.

Old Master Jing quickly placated her.

“Good, good.

Among the children, Jing Ni has the best temperament.

She shall stay by your side so that you wont be lonely anymore.”

His face had already blossomed into a smile.

Auntie Lan ignored him and pulled Jing Ni to her side.

“Girl, you need to learn to be more self-sufficient.

Pick up some tricks from Nanxing and see who dares to bully you in the future! Your mind also needs to work faster so you wont fall for other peoples schemes!” Then Auntie Lan turned to me and said, “Nanxing, you have to help Jing Ni whenever you can, okay”

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I smiled, “Auntie Lan, arent you afraid that I might teach her the wrong thing After all, Ni Ni is quite naive.”

Auntie Lan huffed, “You dare Ill skin you alive if you do!” Then she saw Mai Qi, and her eyes lit up.

“Wow, who is this girl Shes even prettier than our Jing Ni and Nanxing.”

I hurriedly introduced Mai Qi to Auntie Lan.

Auntie Lan let go of Jing Ni and held Mai Qis hand.

She clicked her tongue and praised, “What a beautiful little girl! Youre Jing Ni and Nan Xings friend, so you are always welcome here! I appreciate beautiful, kind, and lovely companions!”

Since Auntie Lan appeared, Old Master Jing only had eyes for her.

Since Auntie Lan liked the three of us, he looked at us with a smile.

His hostility had disappeared completely.

He even looked at me smilingly and said, “Yes, you have to come often.

Tell me what your favorite food is.

Ill have the housekeeper prepare them!”

I was flabbergasted.

This was the head of the Jing family who opposed Jing Tian and me being together Or had I transmigrated to another person than Nanxing

Could this senior had less of a principle Or was his wife his lifes principle

Only then did I realize love could be so blind.

I suddenly felt a deep respect for the love between this senior couple.

Jing Ning and Jing Yan quickly came over and to greet Auntie Lan.

They were trying their best to hold back their annoyance.

“Grandma Lan” was how they addressed her.

Auntie Lan sized up the brother and sister.

Her tone became frosty.

“Ive heard good things about you two.

However, what you had people tell me last time didnt seem to be that accurate.”

Both of them were taken aback.

Jing Yan asked carefully, “Grandma Lan, what is it”

Auntie Lan said, “You said Nanxing is a vixen who is seducing Jing Tian How come I dont see that at all”

Jing Ning and Jing Yans faces turned livid.

I looked at them calmly.

Old Master Jing coughed lightly.

“Ah Lan, that is just a joke between children.

How can we take it seriously”


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