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Chapter 328: Siblings

Translator: Lonelytree

How could Old Master Jing say no

He nodded immediately.

“Yes, yes.

Your senses are always the sharpest.”

Auntie Lan was satisfied.

Gu Yans face was ashen.

Ye Qian did not dare to speak anymore.

She knew very well that the more she spoke, the more mistakes she would make.

Over the years, keeping a low profile was her way to survive.

But with a few words from Auntie Lan, her status was raised so far up into the sky, surpassing Gu Yan.

She did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

Auntie Lan was the real master conversationalist.

I was sure that Auntie Lan had been standing on the second floor for a long time, and she had seen everything that had happened earlier.

I smiled internally and glanced towards the second floor.

I was immediately stunned.

At the corner of the staircase stood three tall and handsome men.

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My little uncle, Jing Tian, and Qu Hao were all there.

They had been standing there for who knew how long without making any sound.

“Madam, its time for dinner.” A maid came over and bowed as she announced.

“Perfect, lets get seated then.

Get them all to come down for dinner!” Auntie Lan ordered as she went to hold Old Master Jings hand.

This was the first time I saw Old Master Jing like this, every cell in his body was happy.

I was envious of their immortal love.

Jing Tian was the first to walk down the stairs.

Auntie Lan said excitedly, “You guys are finally done with your meeting! Thats wonderful.

Your timing is perfect because dinner is getting served.

Jing De, you should talk to your son.

He keeps on having meetings all day long.

From the company to back at home, he is always in meetings.

I told him that I missed him, so he promised to stay at home to accompany me.

But look at what he did.

He brought his work back home! That is how your son has been treating me!”

Auntie Lans excitement instantly turned into complaints.

I was impressed by the speed with which her mood changed.

It was nothing short of amazing.

Thankfully, Old Master Jing appeared to be used to it already.

Old Master Jing immediately reprimanded his son, “Jing Tian, you are not to bring your work home anymore! You need to spend more time with your mother!”

Before Jing Tian could say anything, Auntie Lan said, “Hey, why are you scolding my son Dont be so fierce to my son!”

Old Master Jings expression turned awkward.

He felt so embarrassed.

His sense of authority was lost in front of everyone.

Fortunately, Jing Tian was already used to this.

He didnt mind it at all.

He introduced Qu Hao to his parents.

After greeting them, Qu Hao turned to Mai Qi, who was hiding behind me.

“Why are you hiding so far away Im not going to eat you!”

Auntie Lan and Master Jing looked at Mai Qi in surprise.

Auntie Lan showed a look of sudden realization.

Mai Qi timidly called out, “Big brother.”

Auntie Lans eyes widened in shock.

“You two are siblings”

Qu Hao smiled.

“Yes, Auntie.

Mai Qi is my biological sister.

We take our respective parents surnames.”

Auntie Lan nodded and smiled.

“It is wonderful that you siblings can meet at my house.

But arent you too strict as an elder brother Earlier, Mai Qi was so at ease.

But once you showed up, she turned into this cowering kitten!”

I knew Auntie Lan saw everything upstairs.

How else would she know all these otherwise

Mai Qi walked to Qu Haos side.

Qu Hao put his hand on Mai Qis shoulder.

“Auntie, you probably doesnt know this but my sister has been spoiled by her family since she was young.

Fortunately, she befriended Nanxing and Ning Ni.

Otherwise, Im afraid she might have gone astray in her life.”

The man looked so harmless at that moment.


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