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Chapter 330: Reconciliation

Translator: Lonelytree

Qu Hao followed us home.

I sincerely thanked Qu Hao.

If it werent for him, we wouldnt have reunited with Jing Ni.

Her ending would be unknown.

Qu Hao smiled faintly.

“Alright, Ill remember this favor.

If you can, repay it to Mai Qi.

If shes with you, my father and I will be more at ease.”

Mai Qi lowered her head.

Following her return, Mai Qi was definitely more reserved.

Qu Hao looked at his sister.

His eyes were gentle.

“Mai Qi, youre free now.

No one can control you anymore.

But that doesnt mean that were cutting you off.

You still have a father, a big brother, and your family, do you understand”

Mai Qi finally mustered up her courage and looked up at Qu Hao.

“Brother, my mother…” She couldnt finish her sentence.

Qu Hao patted her shoulder.

“Mai Qi, not everyone knows how to enjoy freedom.

The best place for her is her gilded cage.

Everyone has to pay the price for their choices.

In the end, parents and children are independent individuals.

We can protect and help each other, but no one can replace each other.”

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Mai Qis tears welled up in her eyes.

Qu Hao finally softened his heart and said in a gentle voice, “If you want the best for her, then you have to live a good life, for yourself, for her, and for this family.


Mai Qi nodded, and her tears finally fell.

Qu Hao opened his arms, and Mai Qi slowly came forward to hug her brother.

Qu Hao left.

Mai Qi watched her brothers car disappear before she turned around listlessly.

She nodded at my little uncle and me before shuffling to her room.

I looked at her retreat with shock.

Tong Le reached out to pat the back of my head.

“Stop acting like a fool.” He stretched his back and walked towards his study.

I stopped him.

“This is not good!”

He stopped and turned to me.

“Whats wrong”

“No one wants you anymore,” I said seriously.

He put down his hands and looked at me with a warning.

He never liked me to meddle in his business.

Regardless, I pressed onwards, “I noticed Jing Ni called youlittle uncle, so I knew she had no feelings for you.

Plus, I asked her about it, and she admitted that to me.

She said you two are not compatible.

Mai Qi fell in love with you at first sight.

When you were not around, she would blush whenever I brought you up.

But now, she treated you like air.” I sighed, “This problem has been bothering me.

I wondered who among my two friends could be my little aunt.

If you picked one, then youd disappoint the other.

Theres no way to win… Ah!”

Before I finished, Tong Les fist flew warningly at me.

I cried out in alarm and scurried away.

“Nanxing, stop right there! Its been too long since I was around.

Do you think I wont beat you after youre eighteen Who are you to decide my marriage I have already told you to stop with this match-making nonsense!” Tong Le chased after me in exasperation.

The servants poked their heads out from their workstations and revealed knowing smiles.

It had been a long time since the house was so lively.

My little uncle and I had filled up the large space in an instant.

We were each others only family, but we both believed those who were no longer with us were watching us from the sky.

No matter how difficult life was, we would work hard to survive.

Of course, I still needed to worry about my little uncles marriage on my mothers behalf..

Otherwise, I might not have a little aunt and cousins ever.


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