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Chapter 334: Leisure

Translator: Lonelytree

I snuck into Jing Tians office to look for him.

It was not easy for us to meet.

I had my little uncle at home, and he had Auntie Lan; at school, there were other coursemates, so our meeting place left was his office.

While Jing Tian was mine, Professor Jing belonged to everyone.

I waited until he was alone in his office before I snuck in.

I locked the door behind me and slithered into his arms.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him on his face.

I said, “I miss you so much!”

A smile flashed across his eyes.

He then pulled me off his body and threw me on the sofa.

After all, we were at the university.

I curled up into a ball and pouted.

“Jing Tian, youve changed.

You dont love me anymore.

We havent been alone with each other for so many days, but you dont even miss me! I have to come to look for you instead! Hmph!” I turned my face away.

I was feeling annoyed.

Jing Tian sighed and sat down beside me.

He pulled me into his arms.

He touched my nose.

“And whose fault is that My mother is watching me like a machine.

She is already thinking about installing an alarm on the backdoor that leads to your house!”

I knew I was in the wrong.

Auntie Lans stubbornness was legendary.

No matter how hard we tried to explain ourselves, somehow, the meaning would get twisted in her ears.

My little uncle couldnt visit Jing Tians place alone, and whenever he went there, I had to accompany him.

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Auntie Lan was our senior.

Our explanation couldnt do anything, so we decided to let it be for now.

Jing Tian tried to talk to Auntie Lan, but she stopped him before he could say anything every time.

I chuckled and played with the buttons of his shirt with my fingers.

Jing Tian sighed and leaned over to kiss me on the lips.

This kiss was gentle and sweet.

I hooked my arms around his neck in response.

Jing Tian tightened his grip on my waist and muttered, “Nanxing, how I wish you will grow up faster.”

I kissed his chin.

“But Im already twenty years old.”

Jing Tian sighed.

“Thats still very far away from twenty-two years old.”

I huffed, “Youre the one who made the promise.

Why did you set the age to twenty-two anyway If you had said nineteen or twenty, we would be married already!”

I hit him with dissatisfaction.

He hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, “Because my plan was for Nanxing to have my baby when she is twenty-two.”

My face reddened as I buried myself in his arms.

Jing Tian chuckled beside my ear.

“Nanxing, please grow up faster.

I want to marry you! You will never have another man in your life, but me!”

That was certain.

This was a rare opportunity to have some leisurely free time with Jing Tian.

I sat on the sofa and ate the chocolate he had prepared for me.

I watched him mark the theses on his computer.

“Nanxing, summer vacation is next month.

Why dont you come with me to go abroad” Jing Tian said casually.

I jumped up excitedly and almost knocked over the box of chocolate.

“Really Were going on a vacation together”

Jing Tian glanced at me helplessly.

“This is not a vacation.

Im going on a business.

But you can go visit any place you want as long as its within my field of vision.”

“Thats fine too!” I was excited.

“Then Ill have Gao Da to get you a visa.” Jing Tians eyes never left the computer.

I jumped to his side.

I looked at Jing Tian while he looked at the thesis.

“Are you going abroad for an academic exchange” I asked curiously.

Jing Tian rubbed his temple.


I promised the old man to smooth out something at this overseas company branch.”


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