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Chapter 338: Engagement

Mai Qi covered her face with the rice bowl and said, “Auntie Lan, please let this go.

I just want to have a good meal.”

Auntie Lan smiled and hit her hand that was holding the bowl.

“Who said you cant do two things at once You dont use your ears to eat, right”

Mai Qi nodded.

“Auntie Lan, Ive taken your advice to heart.

Now please turn your attention to Nanxing.”

Auntie Lan immediately chuckled, “Well, there is nothing for me to say about Nanxing.

She is already the perfect candidate to be my daughter-in-law!”

I was petrified.

Jing Ni looked at me and smiled.

Mai Qi put down her bowl and gave Auntie Lan two thumbs up.

“Auntie Lan, you have such good eyes!”

Auntie Lan smiled proudly.

Jing Ni said, “Grandma Lan, are you sure about this”

Auntie Lan nodded, “Of course!”

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Jing Ni thought for a moment, “But Grandpa doesnt approve of Nanxing.

He wont let Nanxing be my 7th aunt.”

Auntie Lan scoffed, “Tsk, who cares about him It doesnt matter whether he approves or not.”

“But all the young ladies from the other wealthy families are interested in 7th uncle.

Grandpa and the other elders hope that 7th uncle will marry one of them because its beneficial to the Jing family,” Jing Ni added.

Auntie Lan pursed her lips.

“I gave birth to a son, not a tool for them to use.

I hate these people who need to use political marriages as a tool.

A business person would focus on their businesses.

If they were not capable, then they should admit it instead of trying to find a shortcut through marriage.


She turned to me.

“Nanxing, youre not allowed to marry anyone else.

Once you graduate from university, youll marry my Jing Tian immediately! No, wait, youll marry as soon as your twentieth birthday is over.

Auntie Lan will prepare all the dowry for you!”

I didnt know what to say.

Things were going out of control!

I knew that Auntie Lan was trying to use me as a shield to ruin therelationship between Jing Tian and my little uncle.

I said seriously, “Auntie Lan, I need to tell you the truth.

Theres really nothing between my little uncle and Jing Tian! I created those rumors because… Auntie Lan, this is all my fault.

Please forget everything Ive said.”

Auntie Lan looked at me with a smile.

“Girl, you need to stop explaining.

My ears are hurting from it.

In short, I believe what I see, and you can explain all you want.

As for my son, he will need to marry someone soon, and my daughter-in-law has to be someone I approve of.

You are currently studying at M University, and that is because Jing Tian has done a lot to tutor you, right You have to thank him for that.

My Jing Tian is not lacking in anything except a wife.

So dont you think its just logical for you to help him with that”

The three of us stared at Auntie Lan in astonishment.

Auntie Lan stood up and gestured at Auntie Bai Rui.

“Alright, thats all we shall discuss on that matter.

Bai Rui and I are going to see the orchids.

You girls can play among yourselves after dinner.”

The three of us watched the two of them saunter away gracefully.

So… they left like that

We looked at each other.

Jing Ni was the first to giggle.

“Grandma Lan is my idol.

Congratulations on your new relationship, girls.”

Mai Qi clicked her tongue.

“Nanxing, you finally got your wish.

Well, its a long detour, but the goal is the same, so you shouldnt think so much of it.”

I looked at her.

“I agree, little aunt.” I then smiled brightly at her.

Mai Qi paused and then moved her eyes away.

“Forget it.

Auntie Lan probably pushed me to your little uncle because she thought it was not enough for you to marry Jing Tian.

She needs an extra safety blanket.”

I cleared my throat.

“That might be, but her final goal is similar to mine.

I really want a little aunt!”


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