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Brother Hu handed me his flashlight and whispered, “Big Sister Xing, we need to go hide.” I was instantly made uncomfortable by him referring to me as Big Sister Xing.

Tan Si then asked anxiously, “Brother Hu, they have guns, what are we going to do”

The lights in the living room had been switched off.

However, the light from the CCTV monitor was still strong.

In the screen, the four intruders walked back against back, covering each other as they moved.

I searched for the laptop that had dropped to the ground after handing the monitor over to Brother Hu.

When I found it, my fingers tapped rapidly on the keyboard.

Brother Hu and his men exclaimed in unison.

Four beams of infrared light aimed right at the spot between the brows of the 4 men in black.

The four stopped moving instantly.

Tan Si was stunned.

“Big… Big Sister Xing, your house is armed with guns”

I placed my index finger over my lips, signalling him to be quiet.

The four looked at me in admiration, waiting to see what I would do next.

I pressed the backspace button.

Four powerful water jets shot at the intruders.

The impact of a high-pressurized water could be as strong as a bullet.

The four intruders were surprised and scattered.

They slipped on the water.

I ordered, “Quick, go and get their guns.

Be careful and come back here when youre done!” Brother Hus group already mobilized before I even finished giving my order.

They were quite clever.

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Since the water guns were controlled remotely, the accuracy was not optimum.

After the intruders were knocked down, the accuracy lowered even further.

After realizing they were ambushed by water guns and not actual guns, the well-trained intruders quickly got up from the ground.

However, I was not yet done.

I had prepared another surprise for them.

A hidden compartment above them opened and dry dust commonly found in fire extinguisher rained down.

The dry powder stuck to their drenched bodies and interfered with their visibility and agility.


When Brother Hus group returned, they were stuck with spots of water and dry dust but each of them came back holding a gun.

I put away the laptop and told Brother Hu.

“We need to move.

There is a hidden staircase at the side of the house that will lead to the basement.”

Brother Hu walked before me and the 3 other men shielded me from all sides.

I felt protected.

I patted Brother Hus shoulders.

“Ill lead way since I know this place better.

I need you to focus on their movements on the monitor.”

Brother Hu whispered, “They have already found their way to the first floor.”

I quickened my pace.

At that moment, there was a loud boom from the front door.

I glanced at the monitor and was stunned.

There was another group of intruders!

The second group had so many people that they immediately filled up the courtyard.

The mess in the courtyard took the second group of intruders by surprise.

However, they soon got over it, split up and started a carpet search.

This was also another group in black but they didnt have their faces masked.

I tutted and told Brother Hu, “Try to learn from them.

Look how well camouflaged they are.

Ive really never seen trespassers who dress as colorful as the four of you do.”


Tan Si chuckled under his breath.

Brother Hu was too captivated by the action on screen to respond.

He said, “Theyve started fighting among themselves.”

The latter group of intruders had found the earlier group of intruders and they tussled with one another.

I nodded.

We had reached the stairs.

I signaled for the guys to be quiet, because we were quite close to the brawl.

“Stop right there!” As careful as we were, we were still discovered by these well-trained individuals.

The second group was so large that not all of them were needed to apprehend the first group.

The majority of them scattered through the old house to look for us.

Black gun muzzles instantly pointed at us.

Brother Hus group immediately shielded before me.

I hissed behind me.

“Lay down!” At the same time, I pressed the backspace button on my laptop.

Liquid poured down from the second floor.

Brother Hus group followed my order and quickly fell to the ground.

The second group of intruder clearly didnt expect a watery trap.

Someone among them fired off a stray bullet.

Then someone pounced at me.

I was knocked off my feet and the breath escaped from my lungs.

Fuck it! Fury burned through me and I growled, “Wheres my phone”

“Here!” Tan Sis voice came from my left.

I reached over and soon found my phone.

I pressed a button and all the lights came on in the old house.

Everyone instinctively used their hands to shield their eyes.

I climbed up from the ground quickly.

With another push of the phone button, a web of infrared network appeared all over the old house.

I announced coldly, “This network is connected to the nearest police station.

If any of you even touch the infrared beam, the police will immediately descend on this place and no one is going to leave tonight!”


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