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Chapter 340: Pity

Jing Ni and I looked at each other and smiled.

We both nodded.

This was the Mai Qi we knew.

But once we agreed with her, Mai Qi looked quite embarrassed.

“My mother was sent home by my brother, the home where my father is.

My brother listed out everything that she had done before our father, including the direct and indirect deaths she had caused as well as the financial losses she caused to our family businesses.

“My mother denied everything.

She said she had nothing to do with them.

She claimed my brother said those things because he was hostile towards his stepmother, and that was why he framed her.

“However, the evidence speaks louder than words.

My brother didnt even want to argue with her.

He only told me to stay to accompany my mother for a while.

My father was still as busy as ever.

He left early in the morning and came home late at night.

All my mother could do was prepare three meals a day and then wait for him to come back home.

When he didnt, she wouldnt eat either.

After a few days, she had a mental breakdown.

She told me this was the life she had led for decades.

It was endless.

She once thought that after marrying my father, she would be above everyone else.

“However, she had no idea life at the top was so lonely and empty.

Therefore, she needed to leave.

She had to let more people know her.

Only by receiving adoration from others that shed feel the height of her status!”

Mai Qis voice lowered.

“I asked her whether she loves my father, and she answered without hesitation that she did.

She said my father is handsome, powerful, and rich.

Who wouldnt love a man like that Plus, if she didnt love him, would she marry him

“So I asked her what my fathers favorite food, favorite fruit, favorite exercise, favorite place to visit were.

“My mother was stumped.

She had never considered these questions before.

After all, with our status, all these whims could be satisfied with a simple order.

The maid would serve his favorite food, a call and he could fly to his favorite country immediately, so why would she waste time to understand these things One of the reasons she married my father was because he could satisfy her whims at any time.

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“I looked at my mother and felt so helpless.

I finally understood why my father and my brother always looked at us with pity.

Because in their eyes, we were low-class humans.

We were so retarded that we were pitiful.

At night, I would dream about their pitiful gazes and Id be shocked awake.

I hope youll never understand that feeling.

“A month later, my father summoned me to his study.

He wanted to know what my future plans were.

I told him that I would bring my mother away with me, and wed live a normal life.

My father laughed.

I will never forget his laugh.

He told me that my mother would never leave with me.

I refused to believe him.

After all, my mother had lost faith in her marriage and love, so she would definitely be willing to start a new life with me.

“But I was wrong.

My father had someone summon my mother to join us.

He told her about my intention.

Before my mother could say anything, I promised her that I would protect her and earn money for her to spend.

“Can you guess what happened next” Mai Qis smile was extremely bitter.

Jing Ni and I grabbed our hands.

We both knew that Mrs.

Mai would never leave.

No matter how much she complained, she wouldnt give up on her marriage because she only cared about status and power.

She would have those things only by being married to Mai Qis father.

Mai Qi smiled.

“Youve guessed it So why couldnt I I thought since she loved me that much and since she was so tired of her marriage, she only needed a little bravery, and she could have a new life.

I would accompany her my whole life.

I would sacrifice my life to ensure that she can enjoy the same luxury she does now.”


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