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Chapter 347: Hijacking

Translator: Lonelytree

Seeing that even the proud princess had spoken, I decided to let it be.

But as I slowed down, the car behind us caught up.

They soon passed us.

Before I could say anything, Mai Qi sighed.

“The road is not ours.

Let them be.

Nanxing, well go slowly…” Before she could finish, I stepped on the brake.

This time, Mai Qi and Jing Ni fared better than before.

They had their hands on the backseat, so they didnt smash their noses flat.

This time, they didnt scold me because they saw that I was forced by the car in front to hit the brake.

The dyed hairs car cut in and blocked our path.

“Whats going on” The two girls whispered.

I didnt say anything and locked the car door and window.

The dyed-hair man led two of his friend out of their car.

They had the same dyed hairstyle.

They were chewing gum as they walked towards us with a smile.

“Pretty ladies, come out to play!”

“Pretty ladies, come join us!”

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“Pretty ladies, come play with your brothers!”

They slapped the car windows, laughing and screaming like crazy people.

I stared at them and took out my phone to call Su Qian.

However, Su Qian didnt pick up her phone.

At this moment, I saw from the rearview mirror that two black vans had arrived.

We had been targeted!

I dialed Jing Tians number, but the call ended after only one ring.

One of the ruffians had placed a small signal blocker on my windshield.

His two friends took out special tools to smash the car window.

My car was an ordinary car.

The price might be high, but it couldnt withstand intentional damage.

The ruffians didnt even care if the broken glass hurt us.

My heart sank.

“Protect your head, dont get hurt!” I only had time to say this before the car window shattered.

The three of us were pulled out of the car and escorted to the vans.

Before we were pushed in, our bags and cell phones were confiscated and thrown away.

Then our hands were tied behind our backs, and we were forced into the backseat.

Inside the van, there were two masked men in black other than the driver.

The laughing ruffians departed after we were secured inside the van.

They acted more seriously before the men in black.

As soon as the three of us were inside the van, the engine started.

I turned around and saw the three ruffians pour gasoline on my car.

I felt a chill in my heart.

This wasnt a simple kidnapping.


I glanced at Jing Ni and Mai Qi.

I shook my head at them.

There was a loud explosion behind us.

My uncles car exploded.

The ruffians raced down the opposite direction.

Does that mean the ruffians mission is completed Why have they been tasked with the kidnapping and not these two masked men These two are clearly more professional!

I cleared my throat.

Just as I was about to speak, the masked man said coldly, “Shut up! Dont speak!”

I was stunned.

His accent was a little strange.

I glanced at Mai Qi.

Mai Qi glared at me.

“I told you we should just stay at the dorm today, but you didnt want to listen to me.

This is just perfect! Now were going to be turned into meat paste! Nothing good ever happens when Im with you!”

I secretly poked Jing Ni.

Jing Ni sighed softly.

“Forget it, dont blame her..

Shes not God.

How can she tell something like this will happen”


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