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Chapter 349: Water Jets

Translator: Lonelytree

Nothing was guaranteed in this world.

No one showed up in time to save us.

When we arrived at the destination, we were shoved out of the van and pushed into a small two-story warehouse.

The smell of blood was overwhelming.

Looking around, the three of us couldnt help but lean closer together.

This was a slaughterhouses workshop.

After walking a little further in, we saw two rows of pork hanging on both sides.

There were puddles of blood on the ground.

The two masked men didnt rush us as if they wanted us to take in the gore.

They probably wanted to intimidate us.

They gave us a push after we were done looking.

“Move straight ahead!”

“Back already Have you cleaned up the trail” One of them asked.

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“Naturally.” One of the men behind us answered.

“Brother Min said to give them a taste of pain first.” Another person said as he played his cards.

The man behind us looked around, “What do you mean”

A man at the table pointed outside.

“Arent they flushing the pork over there Give them a wash too.

Theyre fine, rich young ladies.

They should experience a cold shower at least once in their lives, right”

We were pushed to the side.

A worker was using a water gun to wash the pork.

The masked man went over to say a few words with the worker.

Suddenly, two jets of powerful spray aimed at our heads.

Shocked by the impact, we were thrown back towards the wall and fell heavily to the ground.

Our tied hands meant that we couldnt grab anything for support.

The water pillars slammed into us, and we choked on water.

The water was bone-chillingly cold.

We curled up for warmth.

We wanted to say something, but the water kept our mouths closed.

I tried my best to get up on my knees and shielded the other two with my back so they wouldnt suffer too much.

The water pillar hit as hard as a whip.

The width of the water jet was wider than a whip too.

I could barely open my eyes, but I saw blood oozing out of Jing Ni and Mai Qis mouths.

I was sure I didnt fare any better.

My lungs were choked full of water.

It was so painful that I had to hold my breath.

But the suffocation only intensified my coughing.

After who knew how long, the water jets finally stopped, the three of us collapsed weakly.

We coughed violently before vomiting out bloody water.

I panted and called out to my friends.

“Jing Ni, Mai Qi, get up!” I used my knees to nudge them.

Mai Qi spat out the blood.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Bastards!”

I moved to support Jing Ni.

Jing Nis physique was frail, and I worried about her the most.

“Jing Ni, Jing Ni, wake up! Didnt you say youd shield us You mustnt fall asleep!” I shouted at her.

Mai Qi struggled to sit up.

She helped me, and we used our knees to nudge Jing Ni.

We shouted.

“Jing Ni! Jing Ni! Wake up!”

“I heard these three ladies come from impressive backgrounds!” Someone said from behind me.

I turned my head around.

The water flowed down my hair, blocking my view.

I tried to blink and eventually saw the men standing before me.

They were the ones playing cards earlier.

Each of them had a silver mask covering the upper half of their faces.

Under the light, the masks glinted coldly, “But at least we are certain they have very impressive figures!” Someone behind the leader said.

A few of them laughed.

Our clothes were soaked from the water.

Mai Qi curled up her body.

I turned my body around..

We moved to block their sight of Jing Ni.


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