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Chapter 350: Revenge

Translator: Lonelytree

I glared at them.

The leader waved his hand, and someone immediately handed him a photo.

He studied the photo.

“So this is Miss Nanxing.”

He smiled, “The famous Sister Xing.

Well, arent you people going to take some pictures as a memento This is a rare sight.”

Immediately the masked men took out their phones.

Mai Qi shoved me to the floor and used her body to block my face.

She also turned away from the camera.

The leader chuckled.

“And this must be Miss Jing Ni.

The picture on the darknet must have been touched a lot.

You dont look like the picture at all.

But then again, after all the makeup has been washed off, its little wonder that you dont look the same.

But at least you have a conscience.

You know Sister Xing was implicated by you, so you tried to protect her.

How sweet.”

He took two steps forward.

“Alas, you have to offend Master Shi.

Master Shi has returned us our lives.

We will do anything to avenge Master Shi.

I also heard that Young Master Shi had suffered a lot under your hands.

We shall settle that score today.” The man mistook Mai Qi for Jing Ni.

Mai Qi glared at him and said coldly, “Fine! What do you plan to do”

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I crawled up as quickly as I could and shoved Mai Qi back.

“You need to get back there!”

I smiled at the leader.

“Since you know that Im Sky Citys Sister Xing, you should know that this wont end in a happy ending.

I know what you plan to do.

The three of us girls are tied up, so we cant even fight back.

Well be tortured to death.

So why are you still wasting time spouting so much nonsense Just get it done.”

The leader was taken aback for a moment before he laughed.

“Sister Xing sure is sharp-tongued! Are you saying were bullying you because youre unarmed”

I looked at him.

“Its more than that.

Were also tied up.”

He looked at me for a long time before saying, “Alright, Ol Eight, go and untie the three young ladies! I want to see what they can do.

I dont believe they are capable of anything without Jing Tian and Tong Le.”

I looked at him with a meaningful smile on my face.

I would make him regret this.

A man walked over.

Even the mask couldnt hide his salaciousness.

He came over with a dagger to cut our ropes.

The binding was too hard to untie since it was wet.

The man didnt forget to let his hands wander over our bodies when he cut the ropes.

“Hey!” Mai Qi protested.

“So acting so pretentious.

Our young master merely wants your body.

If you had obeyed, you wouldnt be here today.” The wretched man was annoyed by Mai Qi.

He never stopped cursing as he moved to help Jing Ni, who was lying unconscious.

The next second, his body fell to the ground.

Everyone was shocked.

Instinctively, I shielded Mai Qi behind me.

The masked men took a step forward in surprise.

“Ol Eight!”

Ol Eight rolled on the ground with his hand on his neck to stem the blood flow.

His eyes were wide open as he stared at the roof in disbelief.

Jing Ni stood up calmly.

Despite the wet clothes stuck to her skin, she moved to stand before Mai Qi and me.

The dagger in her hand was still bleeding.

She said coldly, “You want to avenge Shi Feng How silly, you dont even know what his nemesis looks like.

Shi Li sure is brainless.

Even his people are similarly brainless!”

The leader was stunned and stared at Jing ni with wide eyes.

Jing Ni said indifferently, “Im Jing Ni! Why dont you log into the darknet to verify it yourself”


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