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Chapter 359: Carp

Translator: Lonelytree

Bright red blood flowed down her shoulder.

Lu Yan said with tears in her eyes, “Miss Gu, have you seen someone risk her life to find a sugar daddy If I were Master Gu Ers mistress, I wont get any recognition in my life, so why should I trade my life for his Or do you think its nothing to be shot You should go and try it then! For you, this injury is not enough to prove my innocence, so you had to use my brother to frame me.

Miss Gu, where is your brain”

Gu Yan rushed over angrily and was about to attack Lu Yan.

At this moment, something incredible happened.

A pattern slowly appeared where Lu Yans blood had flowed.

We all widened our eyes and looked at the spot where Lu Yans shoulder was.

The outline of a fish slowly appeared.

The fish was navy blue, forming a sharp contrast with the blood, so it was particularly eye-catching.

This was too magical!

Lu Yan bit her lips in righteousness and pulled her clothes back on.

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We also came to our senses and averted our eyes.

Master Gu Er was the one who said in a trembling voice, “Girl, can you let me take another look at the injury on your shoulder”

Lu Yan looked at him with bafflement and confusion.

Her gaze turned frosty.

She took a step back and covered her clothes with her hand.

She said coldly, “Master Gu Er, please have some self-respect.”

Master Gu Er then realized how lascivious his demand sounded.

He took a deep breath to keep his voice steady.

“I saw a very strange pattern on your shoulder just now.

I want to take a closer look.”

Lu Yan held her body tightly and turned to Gu Nian, asking for help.

Gu Nian stepped forward to remind Master Gu Er.

“Master Gu Er, Im sure we can talk about this later.”

Master Gu Er turned around to look at him.

“No, it has to be done now!”

Everyone was stunned.

Master Gu Er looked at Lu Yan.

“I have a biological daughter who was abducted when she was four years old.

I searched the entire country and couldnt find her.

Her mother has gone crazy missing her, and Ive been thinking about her a lot recently.

“Child, if my daughter were still alive, she would be your age.

On her left shoulder, there is a navy blue tattoo of a carp.

It doesnt show normally.

It only shows when it meets fresh blood.

So, Im asking you! No, no, no, Im begging you.

Let me take another look at that tattoo.”

Master Gu Ers voice was trembling.

Gu Nian moved to support Master Gu Er.

He asked in a soft and concerned voice, “Master Gu Er, are you alright”

Master Gu Er shook his head lightly.

He looked at Lu Yan with a burning gaze, his face full of pleading.

Gu Nian looked at Lu Yan and said softly, “Lu Yan, you heard Master Gu Er.

He didnt mean any harm.

He just wanted to confirm something.

Why dont you help him”

Maggie, Jing Ni, and I looked at each other.

So this was the plan.

It was obvious who was the better player in this case.

I looked at Ye Qian.

Everyone looked at Lu Yan.

Ye Qian had moved into the dark.

Her face was filled with sorrow.

She knew her time was up.

I turned to Jing Ning, the man who said he loved Ye Qian.

He stood beside Master Gu Er speechlessly.

He didnt even notice Ye Qian.


Lu Yan hesitated for a moment before nodding.

She appeared to have gained courage from Gu Nian.

She gently let go of her collar.

A navy blue carp lay on Ye Yans snow-white shoulder.

The carp was very lifelike..

It looked like it was going to jump off Lu Yans shoulder.



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