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Why is he coughing so badly Is he sick

I turned around to look at Jing Tian.

He looked surprisingly conflicted.

I was puzzled.

Jing Tian tapped my head lightly, “Nan Xing, hes really your uncle!”

What I widened my eyes.

Tong Si finally stopped coughing, “Damn you, girlie! I already told you Im your uncle!”

I turned back to look at Jing Tian again.

Jing Tian appeared to have a hard time explaining this matter, but in the end, he nodded at me.

I waved at the courtyard and the clutter around the house, “Are you sure hes not a robber or kidnapper”

Tong Si grumbled, “Be reasonable! Those 4 are the real kidnappers.

If my people hadnt arrived in time, you would have been captured by them already.

Or worse, killed!”

I countered back, “If not for your people exposing us, my group would have gone underground to hide already!”

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Jing Tian held his forehead in his palm and then raised his hands to stop us from arguing, “Can you two please calm down Is this not chaotic enough as it is”

Tong Si shrugged and then turned to Brother Hus group.

“The four of us, come over here.” They moved over with shaking legs.

They stole glances at me.

I immediately walked over to stop before them.

“What do you plan to do They are my people.”


Tong Si studied me who was covered in grime and dirt.

“Your people What do you mean”

I told him directly, “Youve already taken me as their boss, so I have to look after them! If you have any problem, talk to me! I wont allow you to harm them!”


My little quartet of four almost cried.

“Big Sister Xing!” Tan Si sobbed.

The most rational of them, Brother Hu pulled on the corner of my shirt, “Sister Xing, we better let Master Si finish first.” I thought for a moment and then turned to Tong Si.

Tong Si looked at me with a complicated expression.

Then he turned to Jing Tian.

“What has she been learning Who taught her these things”


Jing Tian was as dumbfounded as Tong Si was.

At that moment, Brother Hu brought his brothers to bow respectfully at Jing Tian, “Master Tian!”

This time I was me who was shocked.

“Wait, you guys know him too” Then it hit me.

I should have known that Jing Tians real business had to do with the underworld after he returned that day with heavy injury.

Brother Hu answered respectfully, “We know about Master Si and Master Tian, but Im sure they dont know about us.

After all, were just small fries.”

I looked at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian looked at Brother Hu.

“Youre Han Chengs people”

Brother Hus eyes lit up.

He was surprised that Jing Tian knew of them.

“Yes, Master Tian.”

Jing Tian frowned.

“Then who has Han Cheng offended recently that his gang dissolved overnight”


“That would be me!” I pointed at me.

Jing Tian and Tong Si looked at me with shock.

Neither of them spoke.

I lowered my hand with some embarrassment.

“Dont you believe me Han Cheng stepped on my toes and I sent him packing.

Whats so surprising about that Brother Hu said, the remnants of Han Chengs gang has collected into a club and they want me to be their boss! I was still thinking about it when the four masked men came to ambush us.

Considering how well we had cooperated, I have decided to agree to become their boss.”

Brother Hus eyes glowed.

“Big Sister Xing!”

I felt extremely proud!

“Nan Xing! Come with me!” Jing Tian ordered darkly.

Then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me along with him.

Tong Si made to follow but Jing Tian stopped.

He growled, “Tell your people to clean up this place and then get lost!” Then he pulled me upstairs.

Tong Si stopped in his tracks.

Looking at the mess around him, he said helplessly, “Jing Tian, even you have lost your manners tonight, is it”

Jing Tian ignored him.

I turned around and made a funny face at Tong Si.

But at the same time, I pondered. Why didnt this uncle show up in my previous life then


When we reached the second floor, I pointed out my bedroom for Jing Tian.

Jing Tian pushed me in and closed the door behind him.

He looked grim but I was not afraid of him.

I leaned towards him with a smile.

Jing Tian pinched my chin and studied my face closely.

“Wheres the chickenpox”

Hmm, what chickenpox Then it hit me.

I was supposed to be suffering from chickenpox, it was why I was quarantined at the Nan Familys old home!

“Erm, ah, huh.

The chickenpox, yes, Im healed.

Yes, its a miracle.

They all disappeared overnight.” I said with a ingratiating smile.

Jing Tian let go of my chin.

As I rubbed my face, I moved closer to Jing Tian, “Are you angry at me”

Jing Tian stared at me and said nothing.

I knew he was angry with me but he didnt have the heart to scold me.

Jing Tian is so cute!

I hugged his muscular arm..

“Please dont be angry.

I had no choice!”


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