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Chapter 360: Birth

Master Gu Er looked extremely excited, “Xing Xing Youre my Xing Xing, Gu Xing Its daddy!”

Tears streamed down Master Gu Ers face.

Lu Yan covered her body, and she looked as surprised as Gu Nian, Jing Ning, and Gu Yan.

We were surprised by the pattern on her shoulder but not by Master Gu Ers reaction.

Clearly, everything was within Lu Yans calculation.

“Master Gu Er” Gu Nian moved to hold Master Gu Er.

Master Gu Er grabbed Gu Nians arm excitedly.

“Ol Six, this is my daughter! My biological daughter!”

Gu Nian looked at Lu Yan in surprise.

Lu Yan also looked surprised, as she should.

“My daughter was kidnapped when she was four years old.

I spent many years searching for her, and my wife went crazy because of this.

In the end, we had no choice and found Ye Qian.

We carved a fake tattoo on her to fool my wife.

It was barely enough to help her calm down.

“But everyone in the Gu Family knows that Ye Qian is not our kin.

The children of the eldest child of the Gu Family will be marked by the Gu Family tattoo when they are born, dragon for boys and carp for girls.

The tattoo is mixed with the blood of the previous family heads.

The tattoo will only surface when it comes into contact with blood.

The tattoo is a special mark of the Gu Familys main family branch.

Not even Gu Yan has it because her father is from the side branch.”

Master Gu Er told the whole story and then looked at Lu Yan.

“Child, you said you grew up in an orphanage You are my kidnapped daughter, and you are the eldest daughter of the Gu family!” Master Gu Er said as he stepped forward to hug Lu Yan.

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Lu Yan took a step back, her face full of disbelief.

She looked at Gu Nian.

Gu Nianzhis expression was complicated, but he still held Master Gu Er back.

“Master Gu Er, you need to calm down!”

Master Gu Er shook his head, and he told Gu Nian, “Ive been looking for my daughter for more than a decade already.

Shes my daughter.

Theres no need for DNA testing.

The tattoo she has is the best evidence.

Shes my daughter.

There is no two way around it!”

Gu Nian consoled, “Master Gu Er, that might be true, but you need to give Lu Yan some time.

She needs time to process this.”

Master Gu Er finally came to his senses.

“Of course, of course.

Child… How do you want me to explain this to you”

Lu Yans expression was a little uncertain.

She backed away from the rest of us.

She looked weak and helpless.

In the end, her gaze fell on Gu Nian.

It was obvious that she trusted Gu Nian more than anyone else.

Master Gu Er caught this immediately, “Ol Six, you have to help me.”

Gu Nian nodded, “Master Gu Er, dont worry.

You need to calm down!” Gu Nian turned to Lu Yan.

“Lu Yan, I know this has happened too suddenly, and its hard for you to accept.

Why dont we go back to your ward to discuss this further”

Lu Yans gaze fell on Si Nan, and she looked like she had completely calmed down.

“What about Si Nan You captured and tortured him to force me to admit to some unknown crime.

You called me a liar.

How am I to know if youre not lying to me now Do you think a tattoo can prove everything Honestly, I dont even know where this tattoo comes from.

Ive only seen it twice in my life!”

Master Gu Er said in a trembling voice, “Child, thats right.

The first time you saw it was when you had your first period.”

This time, Lu Yan was really shocked.

Master Gu Er smiled.

“The Gu Familys daughters are well protected.

They will not gain contact with blood all their lives, so the only time they will see the tattoo is when they have their first period.”


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