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Chapter 362: Considerations

Translator: Lonelytree

Late that night, Lu Yan came to visit me.

I took a bottle of drink, and we sat on the rattan chair on the balcony.

The hospital was quite busy, even at night.

The process of life and death never cared about the passage of time.

However, the VIP wards were relatively quiet.

This was the power of capitalism.

Lu Yan looked at the lit corridors not far away from where the normal patients were.

They were haggard-looking, lying on the ground and sitting on the benches.

“Once upon a time, I was one of those people.”

I took a sip of my drink.

“But youre not anymore.”

She nodded.

“But I shouldnt even have to suffer in the first place.”

I glanced at her and smiled.

“So does that you mean youre going to fight to gain back what youre owed”

She looked at me.

“Nanxing, wouldnt you”

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I didnt look at her.

I only shook my head.

“I cant answer that for you.

Youre the only one who can make that decision.”

She looked at me and sighed.

“Nanxing, I like this about you the most.

You have compassion and respect for others.”

I smiled.

“Lu Yan, that is the highest praise Ive gotten.

Compassion How am I compassionate I merely dont care because it doesnt involve me.” I stopped smiling and said seriously, “Lu Yan, Im not you.

I dont know how much pain and suffering youve endured when you were outside on your own.

Therefore, I cant give you opinions because I am an observer.”

Lu Yan nodded.

“Thats why I said that youre compassionate.

I know you left the Nan family, but you didnt take revenge on them.”

I turned my head to look at her.

“You investigated me”

She smiled and didnt deny it.

“Before I do anything, I need to find out everything about the characters I have to deal with.”

I nodded.

“In any case, youre right.

I didnt take revenge on the Nan Family because I didnt need to.

Lu Yan, I believe in karma.

Therefore, I only took back the things my father deserved.

I didnt touch or demand anything more because I know the remaining members of the Nan Family.

I dont need to do anything because eventually, they will get what they deserve.”

“Nanxing, you have great wisdom,” Lu Yan said sincerely.

I smiled.

“Lu Yan, youre the one with great wisdom.

I saw that today.”

Lu Yan smiled.

We clinked our drinks cans.

Lu Yan let out a long sigh.

“I knew my tactics wouldnt fool you and Ye Qian, and I didnt intend to.

Even if Ye Qian saw through it, she wouldnt dare to expose me because she couldnt even protect herself.

“As for you, I knew you wouldnt drag yourself into the mess because it had nothing to do with you.

So I had nothing to worry about.” Lu Yan was very relaxed.

I glanced at her from the corner of my eyes.

“What if I chose to help Ye Qian”

Lu Yan shook her head, she smiled.

“Ye Qian has already chosen the wrong side from the beginning.

Youll never befriend her because she has sided with Jing Ning and Gu Yan.

Both Ye Qian and I want to be your friends, but Ye Qian has already lost her chance.

As for me, I dont dare to ask for more.

Like what Jing Ni said, I am already satisfied being your dorm mate.

Nanxing, I know that as long as I dont do anything to harm you or violate the general morality, well be able to coexist peacefully, right”

I thought for a moment and nodded.

“Lu Yan, why is it that you and Ye Qian are so cautious around me Am I that scary”

I looked at her.

She didnt avoid my gaze.

Instead, she smiled and nodded.

“We dont want to be your enemies..

We do not wish to fight you.”


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