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Chapter 368: Choice

Translator: Lonelytree

I didnt know what choice Nanyang would make.

After all, I wasnt her.

The Nan Family might have fallen, but she was still Nanfengs biological daughter.

She wouldnt be rejected like I was.

At the same time, this meant that I could see Ye Qian make her move.

Lu Yans appearance meant that she had to take action.

She had no way out.

Ye Qian wasnt like Nanyang and Gu Yan, who placed love over everything.

Nanyang and Gu Yan had the support of their maiden families, so no matter how bad the situation was, they would still fare better than Ye Qian, who had no background.

Ye Qian was an extremely realistic person.

The most important for her in a man was whether he could bring her great benefits and whether she could control him easily.

It was why Ye Qian chose Jing Ning over men like Gu Nian, Jing Tian, and my little uncle.

She knew these mens temperaments, and she knew she could not control them.

Ye Qian was very insecure.

She needed to control every aspect of her life.

Therefore, no one matched her better than Jing Ning.

Jing Ning was a Mommys Boy.

His marriage was finding another mother to save him from his biological mother.

Jing Ning was used to not being responsible.

He needed others to make decisions for him.

There was no woman more suitable for Jing Ning than Ye Qian.

In a way, the two were a perfect match.

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Nanyang had made the wrong bet with her life.

A woman who relied fully on her man had a sad life.

She would always be the one chosen and compared.

The power of agency was in the man.

This was the state Nanyang, and Gu Yan found themselves him.

Jing Ni and I experienced this personally in our previous lives.

I still thanked heaven daily that Jing Ni and I were no longer lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Jing Tian and I were building our relationship together.

As for Jing Ni… Well, it was all up to Qu Hao.

With that in mind, I turned to Mai Qi.

She sat next to me.

She was biting her nails because she was stuck in her thesis.

“Your brother is serious about Jing Ni, yes”

Mai Qis eyes didnt even leave the computer as she nodded, “Ive known him for twenty years, but I havent seen him take such an interest in a girl before.

In fact, I havent seen him smile so gently.

Although he doesnt like my mother, he still cares about me.

Ni Ni should have no worry.

I can vouch for him.

Im the only woman who has ever appeared by Mr.

Qu Haos side.”

I nodded.

“He sounds reliable.”

“Please remove the phrase, sounds! He is reliable!” Mai Qi still hadnt raised her head.

Jing Ni happened to push the door open and enter.

Before Mai Qi and I could say anything, Jing Ni frowned.

“Nanxing, Nanyang is waiting for you downstairs.”

“Who” I couldnt believe my ears.

“Nanyang,” Jing Ni repeated.

I walked quickly to the balcony and looked downstairs.

Nanyang was standing by the flower bed with one hand supporting her back and the other holding her stomach.

“Whats she doing here” Mai Qi followed behind me.

I shook my head and prepared to walk out.

Jing Ni was worried, “I didnt dare to let her come up.

Shes very pregnant, and who knows what shes up to.”

See, this is why you shouldnt do bad things.

Nanyang used to be a good person in Jing Nis mind, but that all had changed.

I sighed, “Shes already in this state.

What is she doing running around If her child suddenly pops out, are we supposed to take care of her”

Mai Qi coughed, and Jing Ni sighed, “Well go with you.”

I waved my hand.

“No, just wait here.

If we go together, itll look like were bullying her.

Plus, she is after me..

Ill take on this tragedy myself.”


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