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Jing Tian shook my hands off.

His voice was dangerously low, “You had no choice You had no choice so you released a message on the darknet looking for your mother You have no choice so you purposely let others track their way to this place You have no choice so you visited Zhiyuan alone You had no choice so…”

I pounced on him and hung my arms around Jing Tians neck.

I stood on tiptoe to kiss him. Why does he have to be so tall Its so difficult when I want to kiss him!

I tried my best to reach the tallest height I could.

I kissed him and used my tongue to trace along his lips.

My body leaned intimately into him, feeling his warmth.

Finally, when I felt my back was about to break, Jing Tian held my waist with my hand and his other laid gingerly on the back of my head.

He leaned down slightly so our height difference wasnt so huge.

After I had actively attacked him for so long, he finally retaliated, turning from passive to active.

Jing Tian, why should we argue

What should you do when your boyfriend is angry Kiss him!


I refuse to believe that Jing Tian would rather argue with me than to kiss me!

When I felt the oxygen was about to get sucked out from my lungs, Jing Tian finally let me go.

His gaze as deep as the ocean looked at me, “Nan Xing, what am I supposed to do with you” He sighed helplessly.

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I jumped to peck him on his lower lip.

“You can do anything you want.

I wont say no to you.”


Jing Tian sighed again as he gently pushed me off.

“Youre so dirty, you need to go take a shower.” Right then, someone knocked on the door.

“Jing Tian, open the door.

What are you two doing in there” It was that uncle of mine.

I grabbed a skirt and rushed into the bathroom.

When I was done bathing, my uncle was sitting across from Jing Tian.

They faced each other in silence.

Without even thinking about it, I sat next to Jing Tian.

His jacket and vest which I had dirtied were thrown to the floor.

He had on only a black shirt.

His cuffs were unbuttoned to his elbows.

He looked so handsome!

Tong Si pointed at me immediately.

“Girl, come and sit next to me! Who is he to you How can you be so close to a random man”

I rolled my eyes at me.

“Who are you to mind my business”

“Im your uncle!” Tong Si roared.

I huffed and turned my face away from him.

“Jing Tian, tell her!” Tong Si was both irritated and helpless.

Jing Tian glanced at him, “Why dont you tell her yourself”

“Do you think shell believe me” Im surprised that Tong Si knows me so well.

Jing Tian pointed at him.

“Nan Xing, he is really your uncle.

His real name is Tong Le, he is your mothers youngest brother.

But outside in the world, people refer to him as Master Tong Si.”


“Okay.” I nodded.

“What kind of response is that” Tong Le was very dissatisfied.

“What kind of response do you expect from me” I retorted.

“At least you should throw yourself into my arms and shed happy tears from this reunion! Im your uncle, your mothers beloved little brother!” Tong Le groused.

I sighed.

“My current adopted parent is my fathers biological elder brother.

My biological uncle! But so what His own daughter has been trying to make me a failure and his wife prays that Id die from an accident every day.” I stressed the word,biological and looked at Tong Le.

Tong Le jumped up from his sofa, “What did you say How dare Nan Feng and his family treat you like that!”

I sat on the sofa and looked up at him.

“How are you better than them You only noticed me when I posted that message about mother, havent you Where were you before then Do you still remember that you have a big sister and she has a daughter So what if youre really my uncle Id rather hug Jing Tian and cry than to hug you!”


Then, I put my words in action.

Tong Le was stumped by my accusations.

Then he broke into anger.

He pointed at my hands and told Jing Tian, “You! Let go now! Jing Tian, Im telling you, were brothers and youre also her uncle! This mustnt happen!”


Jing Tian glanced at him and slowly pried my hands away.

I grabbed Jing Tians arm again and told Tong Le.

“I wont recognize you as my uncle and you two can continue being brothers, that solves everything, no”

Tong Le was hopping mad.

He reached out to yank my hands back.

As I tried to slither back to Jing Tian, Tong Le turned to Jing Tian, “You, go sit over there!”

“No, hes not moving anywhere!” I held onto Jing Tian and refused to let go.

Tong Le gritted his teeth before he squatted down to our eye level.

“Nan Xing, you cannot fall in love with him! I can agree to anything else but this!”

“Why not” I argued.

“Because hes too old, hes so much older than you!” Tong Le persuaded me.

Jing Tian lifted his foot to kick at Tong Les ankle.

Tong Le tipped over from the loss of balance and landed on the carpet.

“Jing Tian, how dare you hit me!” Tong Le jumped up and pointed at Jing Tians nose.

“Please dont resort to ad hominem, its rude.” Jing Tian said evenly.

I laughed and tumbled towards Jing Tian.

Jing Tian fixed me in place and said, “Sit properly and listen to what he has to say.” And then he pointed at Tong Le.

“Focus on the important points.

Sit back down.

Lets not get sidetracked.”

Tong Le grumbled as he sat back down on the sofa, “Jing Tian, Im your 4th elder brother, youre the one thats being rude here.”

Jing Tian sighed as he held his forehead.

This was getting nowhere.


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