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Chapter 376: Conditions

I sensed a hand behind this.

Nanyang wasnt that clever to plan something like this.

She was just another chess piece.

Mai Qi, Jing Ni, and I thought of Lu Yan immediately.

She was the only other person who hated Ye Qian that much.

She was also the only person who could hit Ye Qians weakness so easily.

However, Lu Yan used Nanyangs life as a weapon!

The fire in my heart started to burn.

Jing Ni muttered, “Nanxing, she promised you that she wouldnt do anything that violates general morality! So what is the meaning of this”

That was exactly why I was angry.

Mai Qi sighed, “I didnt expect Lu Yan to be so ruthless.

She didnt even hesitate to sacrifice Nanyang to deal with Ye Qian.

Now, I suspect Lu Yan has induced Nanyangs death.”

I thought back to the things Lu Yan had told me at the hospital.

The fire in my heart burned brighter. Lu Yan, you said you didnt want us to be enemies.

Is that a lie to let me put my guard down Have you already anticipated this that night

I lost the mood to read Nanyangs journal.

She was stupid enough to be used, so why should I waste time on her journal No matter what she had to say, it would be useless.

Jing Ni sensed my anger.

“Nanxing, you need to calm down.

Things are not that simple.

Its too early for anger.”

Mai Qi suddenly added, “Jing Ni, youre wrong.

It is absolutely not too early for Nanxing to turn to fury.

Its about time.”

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I looked at her in confusion.

She handed the phone to me.

“Here, take a look for yourself.”

“The Jing Familys eldest young madam asked her younger sister for help, and the younger sister asked her to use her death to fight back!”

“The Jing Familys eldest young madam asked her younger sister for help, and the young sister encouraged her to commit suicide to prove her innocence!”

The article came with a picture of Nanyang and me talking at Huan Yuan.

The picture wasnt clear, but it was enough for the public to tell the characters in the picture were Nanyang and me.

It was yet another powerful move.

Hah, and I thought I was spared.

It turns out you didnt forget about me after all.

I cant even say anything to defend myself.

“What should we do” Mai Qi asked Jing Ni and me.

Jing Ni turned to me.


I sneered, “What else can we do This is just the beginning! Do you think she is going to let me off so easily Lu Yan is really ruthless.

Shes an expert.

We have underestimated her.

We have no one else to blame.”

I had to admit that I had lost this time.

To my surprise, the first person to call me was Jing Ning.

There was anxiety in his voice, but he forced himself to remain aloof.

“Nanxing, have you seen the news Lets discuss this.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“Oh” I really had no idea what I could discuss with him.

“Have you seen the news Were in the same boat.

If the boat sinks, well die together.” His tone was exasperated.

I hadnt even said anything, and he had already pulled me into the same boat with him.

“What do you want” I asked directly.

“I need you to admit to the media that it was you who coaxed Nanyang to commit suicide, and it had nothing to do with Ye Qian!” Jing Nings voice became steady.

He probably thought he could still control me.

“I never did such a thing.

All I did was to persuade her to leave you and focus on her daughter because that is her future!” I said coldly.

“Thats not important.

Nanxing, as long as you tell the media those things and bail Ye Qian out, Ill get people to release your two subordinates! I dont think youll reject me, right” Jing Ning sounded proud.

My two subordinates


I couldnt help but be stunned.

I put the phone on speaker, so Jing Ni and Mai Qi heard everything.

Seeing my confusion, Mai Qi pursed her lips and made two gestures.

Immediately, I remembered who Jing Ning was talking about.

I couldnt help but smile.


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