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Chapter 378: Confrontation

However, he didnt take the bait.

This made me confirm that Ye Qian was right beside him.

I just didnt know if using me as a meatshield was Jing Ning or Ye Qians idea.

I thought about it and felt it was more like Jing Nings idea.

The man was too brainless.

Ye Qian would be clever to know that this was not the time to anger me.

Regardless, I was stuck in the mud whether I liked it or not.

It wont be easy to clear my name.

I wondered what Ye Qians plan was.

She and Lu Yan were planners and not doers.

On the surface, they were the best sisters, but the moment they turned, their faces changed, and the weapons were drawn.

They aimed to kill and showed no mercy.

They were phoenixes among humans.

“Nanxing, the news involves not only Ye Qian and me, but also you.

In that case, why dont we cooperate We should make a joint declaration that this has nothing to do with us.

It was Nanyangs fault.

Nanyang had depression.

Yes, she had depression before she was pregnant.

As her younger sister, you can verify that.

When we released this joint statement, the public will be silenced!” Jing Ning was full of confidence.

“And then what When the public believes us, wont you use my words against me” I countered.

Jing Ning still thought I was that innocent fool.

He was stumped.

“Jing Ning, I will not let you use these words against me.

I understand you too well.

I can think eight steps ahead of you, so dont try to fool me!

“In contrast, you dont know me at all.

If you did, you wouldnt be making this call.

There is nothing for us to discuss.

I will not cooperate with you.” Before he could say anything, I pressed, “Nanyang was your wife.

Your daughter is still at the hospital.

Even if you have no feelings for the childs mother, at least think of your own flesh and blood.

How can you be so heartless Even after her death, all you can think of is how to destroy her”

Jing Ning sneered, “She was the one who placed me in this difficult situation first!”

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“But did she say anything wrong” I said bluntly.

Jing Ning was exasperated.

“Nanxing, I dont have time to waste on you! If you dont want to cooperate, then fine! Ill just make my own declaration! Dont blame me for my unkind words then!”

“Do you think the media will believe you Do you want to frame me Do you think Im dead like Nanyang, and I wont fight back” I laughed.

I hung up the phone again without any hesitation.

Jing Ning had the uncanny ability to drive me insane.

I picked up Nanyangs journal.

I had suffered so much since I was young because of these two.

I thought I had finally shaken them loose, but in the end, they dragged me into their drama again.

This time, I couldnt even retaliate because Nanyang was dead.

I really had no idea what I had done to deserve this.

The first page of Nanyangs journal already annoyed me.

‘Nanxing, look after my daughter.

Dont let her fall into the hands of Ye Qian and Jing Ning.

I beg you!

I really didnt understand Nanyang.

If she loved her daughter that much, why couldnt she take care of the girl herself Who would love their child more unconditionally than their mothers

Before I turned the page, I told Mai Qi.

“Get people to check up on Brother Si and Brother Mang.

We cant allow anyone to disrupt our plan.

Make sure they understand that!”

After the Shi Family fell, Brother Si and Brother Mang were captured and detained by the police.

For now, they were currently squatting in prison.

They had their reasons to enter the prison.

Plus, based on what was happening, it looked like their decision was correct.

It was safer for them to be in prison than out.

We couldnt let a rotten egg, like Jing Ning, spoil our plan!


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