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Chapter 381: Speculations

‘First, the targets of the kidnapping case were you and Jing Tian.

The mastermind behind it was the Jing Family.

It might not look like it, but Jing Nings uncles and father are secretly in support of Jing Ning to be the familys next successor! In fact, they have never stopped trying to come after Jing Tians life!

‘Second, your fathers death is inextricably linked to the Jing family.

I admit it, my father had stolen your fathers property, but he had never participated in the plot to harm your parents.

‘Nanxing, beware of the silent and deadly.

Be wary of those who pretend to be good to you.

They often harbor evil intentions.

‘Nanxing, no matter what, we were sisters.

I hope that is enough for you to consider taking care of my daughter.

Nanyangs journal entry was long.

They were not written in one day.

This woman was the origin of my many nightmares in both of my lives.

I never thought she would fall to such a lowly state.

Even though I didnt like her very much, I couldnt help but feel sorry for her.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni studied the journal seriously.

Jing Ni studied the handwriting closely.

“The entries are not written on the same day.

She probably didnt have much privacy to write an actual journal, so she wrote in a hurry.

The writing is not that coherent.”

Mai Qi said lazily, “Two baseless deductions, and she wants Nanxing to raise her child She must be crazy!

“But Nanxing, we need to approach this one by one.

First, we should consider Jing Nings threat.

He knew that Brother Mang and Brother Si were still in captivity.

If we didnt abide by his demands, would he really harm them”

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“Yes!” I replied without hesitation.

“Ni Ni, give Su Qian a call.

Tell her to get people to ensure Brother Si and Brother Mangs safety! In fact, let them stay inside for now!” I instructed.

“OK!” Jing Ni immediately made the arrangements.

Mai Qi looked at me.

“Nanxing, do you still suspect Lu Yan But Nanyang never mentioned Lu Yan in her journal at all.”

My finger touched the cover of the journal and sighed.

“Mai Qi, do you really believe this has nothing to do with Lu Yan”

Mai Qi shook her head.

“Of course not! But I cant think of a time when Lu Yan would come into contact with Nanyang!”

I smiled bitterly.

The pair of sisters told me that they didnt want to be my enemy, but once they turned around, both of them wanted me dead.

“Regardless, we have to do something about Nanyangs daughter.

I cant barge in to steal her.

That is most troublesome.” The two looked at each other with difficulty.

“Yes, this is a big problem,” Mai Qi sighed.

Jing Ni suddenly smiled.

“Wait, we cant barge into the Jing Family to take the child because its not right and proper.

But the child is still a member of the Jing Family, so there is someone who can fetch her out quite rightfully.”

Mai Qi and I looked at Jing Ni.

Then it dawned on us.

“Auntie Lan!”

Jing Ni nodded.

“Nanyang speculated most of the things in her journals, but I doubt she is far from the truth.

7th Uncle has always been in the thorn of all the other uncles sides.

Its because Grandpa pampers Grandma Lan too much.

In the Jing Family, no one will care for the baby.

So Grandma Lan is our best hope.”

I nodded.

“Auntie Bai Rui is with Auntie Lan too.

They can look after the child together.” I believed this was the best solution.

No matter how much I disliked Nanyang, it was wrong to transfer that hatred to her daughter.

The child was innocent.

If she were to be taken in by Auntie Lan, she would be very lucky.


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