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Chapter 382: Wake Up

Sadly, Auntie Lan didnt agree with us.

She sighed softly.

“Nanxing, I understand what you mean.

You want to save that child.

Unfortunately, I cant be her savior.”

We were lost.

“Auntie Lan, other than you, no one else will care about that child.

Shes still in the incubator.

Regardless of her parents character, the child is innocent.”

Auntie Lan looked at us with a rather detached gaze.

“Nanxing, that is the childs fate.

She still has her biological father, grandparents, even her great-grandfather.

I am ultimately an outsider.

For the Jing Family, Jing Tian and I will always be outsiders.

“I know what youre thinking.

Since Ive taken in Bai Rui and Jing Ni, so why not this girl Its different because theyre no longer wanted by the Jing Family.

I can only take them because of that.

However, the Jing Family hasnt said that they dont want the girl, so if I say anything, I will be painted a child robber.

You have to understand that, right”

We were at a loss for words.

Auntie Lan was in a tough spot.

She was pampered to the extreme by Old Master Jing, but she was also hated to the extreme by the rest of the Jing Family.

We had no idea where the enmity between Auntie Lan and the Jing family came from, but we couldnt drag Auntie Lan down into this mess because of Nanyangs child.

I suddenly understood that this was still a part of the trap.

I couldnt help but feel a chill run down my spine.

I looked at Auntie Lan in fear.

“Auntie Lan, Im sorry.

I didnt think this through.

I almost pulled you into this endless trap!”

Auntie Lans expression eased up.

She looked at me with relief.

“Nanxing, you dont blame me”

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I quickly shook my head.

“No, no, no.

Auntie Lan, youre right.

And without you, we wouldnt have survived until today.

I just didnt expect them to aim to bring you down as well.”

Auntie Lan smiled, “Silly child, Ive always been their biggest target.

Why wouldnt they miss this chance to plot against me This Nanyang was a fool when she was alive, and even in her death, she is still a fool.

She was a chess piece when she was alive and a tool in her death.

How pathetic!”

Aunt Lans evaluation left me speechless.

After being reborn, my life was too smooth.

My current life was free and exciting.

Therefore, I slowly forgot about the hardships of my previous life.

Because of that, I slowly put down the hatred too.

Holding onto hatred was not good, but hatred was a good tool to sharpen ones senses.

Jing Ni and Mai Qi were one step slower to catch up.

But once they understood Auntie Lan, they were so shocked they couldnt speak.

When we returned to Huan Yuan, we didnt speak for a long time.

This time, I truly saw through Lu Yans scheme.

One Ye Qian almost brought us to our knees, and now we had to deal with another Lu Yan.

This world was filled with dangers.

Thankfully, this pair of sisters didnt join forces.

Or else they would be too terrifying to face.

Jing Ni took out her computer.

She scanned through the comments on the internet.

“Right now, the most important thing is to remove Nanxing from this mess.

Public opinion is very unfavorable to Nanxing.

Nanxing has rejected working with Jing Ning.

I reckon Ye Qian will use the public opinion against Nanxing soon.”

Mai Qi nodded in agreement.

I sighed.

“You should know its pointless to explain to the internet.

The more you try to explain, the more the internet and media will pull you into it.

Its best for me to keep quiet.”

Mai Qi objected, “If you dont say anything, the internet will deliver you a death sentence!”


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