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Chapter 387: The Rabbit

Translator: Lonelytree

However, Lu Yan shouldnt involve Nanyang and me.

Her fight was with Ye Qian.

The people who came from this orphanage were all incredible talents.

They had high IQ and EQ.

Jing Ning employed the 50 cent army to ruin my name.

Jing Nings people kept focusing on where I was kicked out from the Nan Family.

That was supposedly the reason why I hated Nanyang so much.

Nanyang came to reconcile with me, but I insulted her, causing her to commit suicide.

This was such a ludicrous story, but the public lapped it up.

I was very annoyed.

Jing Ni and Mai Qi came to my rescue.

They used some illegal methods to procure the videos from when Nanyang came to visit me at the dorm.

Thankfully, the dorm had installed some new cameras, and Jing Nings people didnt know about them.

Jing Ni released the video on the internet.

Jing Nings people tried to stop her, but they were no match for Jing Ni and Mai Qi.

Soon the video trended on the internet.

Since the video was taken from a surveillance camera, the video quality wasnt good.

However, it was enough for the viewers to recognize Nanyang and me.

Also, the fact that the quality wasnt perfect added to its authenticity.

Then the netizens changed sides to curse at Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

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Ye Qian was swallowed by bad press.

This caused her already-precarious position in the Gu Family to worsen further.

The members, who already hated her, ganged up on her.

The Gu Family had taken care of Ye Qian for years, but she had repaid the family by bringing them shame.

She had let down the entire Gu Family.

In contrast, even though she had not graduated from university, the real young miss, Lu Yan, was Master Lius best assistant.

She merely lacked Ye Qians expression.

It was only a matter of time before she replaced Ye Qian.

The Gu Family wanted to lynch Ye Qian.

It was Master Gu Er who settled this matter in the end.

After all, Ye Qian had made great contributions to the Gu Family over the years.

The Gu Family shattered Ye Qians heart.

This was a wound that wouldnt heal so soon.

Mai Qi regaled us with stories she heard about the Gu Family as we walked back to the dorm.

Jing Ni and I were amazed by the Gu Familys heartlessness.

They were ready to abandon Ye Qian after everything she had done for them.

“Even a rabbit will bite back if cornered.” I sighed.

Jing Ni corrected me.

“But Ye Qian is not a rabbit.

She is a wolf.”

Mai Qi said, “Fortunately, our Nanxing is not involved in this matter anymore.”

Jing Ni sneered, “Ive already warned them.

If they continue to drag us, Ill upload Nanyangs journal on the internet!” Jing Ni really hated her cousins.

I sighed internally.

I told Ye Qian Jing Nig started this mess.

If Jing Ning didnt come for me, I wouldnt need to retaliate.

I was only acting out of self-preservation.

They didnt really expect me to take the fall for them, did they

Jing Ni halted and raised her hand to tell us to stop as we reached the dorm.

There were voices arguing inside.

All three of us stopped in our tracks.

“Why do you have to go so far I have not done anything to block your path!” This was Ye Qian.

“Youve done nothing How can you even say something like that The path youre walking on is mine, to begin with!” This was Lu Yan.


We had never heard Lu Yan speak in such an imposing manner before.


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