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Chapter 388: Weakness

Translator: Lonelytree

“Your path Lu Yan, dont think you can take a mile once I give you an inch! I work hard for what I achieve today! It has nothing to do with you! Youre right, it was your family who adopted me, but it was you who begged me to take your place.

How can you now say Ive stolen your path

“Lu Yan, I have not done anything to you because I felt sorry for not going back to look after the rest of you all these years.

I was sorry, but not because I took your place! I never took your place.

“Youre the eldest daughter, and Im just the adopted daughter of the Gu family.

From the day I entered the GU family, this is clear to everyone, except mother, who is delirious.

Lu Yan, I have no skeletons in my closet.

What about you” Ye Qians voice was cold and stern.

It was completely different from her usual image.

“Me I am the one who really has no skeletons in my closet! Do you really think people dont know your little tricks Ye Qian, stop dreaming.

Now that Ive returned, I am going to make you cough up everything youve stolen from me!” Lu Yans overbearing manner shocked us too.

Ye Qian paused for a moment.

She lowered her voice and said, “Lu Yan, youve been scheming for a long time.

Even after what Nanxing and her friends have done for you, you have the heart to frame Nanxing Arent you being too unscrupulous”

Lu Yan sneered, “Ye Qian, you better look after yourself first.”

The three of us looked at each other.

The door was pulled open from the inside, and the three of us took a step back.

The one who opened the door was Ye Qian.

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She looked at us with a smile on her lips and said gently, “Welcome back.” Then she brushed past us and left.

So she knew we were outside the door all along.

It was as expected of Ye Qian.

Lu Yan was awkward as we filed into the dorm.

“You guys are back.”

The three of us put our things away and sat down in our seats.

Lu Yan fidgeted.

“Nan-Nanxing, you guys… Ye Qian came to find me.”

I looked at her and smiled.

“Do you want to know if weve heard anything outside the door”

She looked at me and didnt say anything.

I shook my head gently and smiled.

“Ye Qian already knew we were coming.

We were just in time to hear her say,Even after what Nanxing and her friends have done for you, you have the heart to frame Nanxing Lu Yan, what does she mean by that I want to hear your explanation.”

Lu Yans expression was flustered.

“Nanxing, dont listen to her nonsense.

She is a serial liar.

She is very cunning.

She is hated by many in the Gu Family because of that.

“She relies on my mothers love for her and tramples over the rest of us.

Nanxing, you mustnt fall for her trick! She is caught in negative press.

She needs someone to sink with her.

She has decided to make you her target! She wants to harm you!”

I looked at her and pretended to be puzzled.

“Harm me How Why would she harm me”

Lu Yan immediately said, “Hasnt Jing Ning been using 50 cent army to slander your name That is her idea! This woman has been evil since she was born.

Believe me, I know her very well.

You cant ever trust a word she said.

She knows how to control and manipulate peoples hearts!”

I shared a look with Jing Ni and Mai Qi.

I asked them.

“Do you guys realize Jing Ning has been slandering my name”

Jing Ni and Mai Qi shook their heads.

“Not really.

Then again, were not familiar with Jing Ning, so how would we know”

I looked at Lu Yan again.


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