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Chapter 389: Exposed

Translator: Lonelytree

Lu Yans face turned pale.

I smiled at her.

“Lu Yan, so how did you know Jing Ning has been slandering my name Did Ye Qian tell you”

Mai Qi crossed her legs.

“Why would Ye Qian admit that She is not brainless.”

Jing Nis expression was cold.

“Or Jing Ning told you himself Or was it you who instigated Jing Ning to slander Nanxings name to save Ye Qian Either way, what a wonderful performance!”

I watched as Lu Yans expression became more and more ashen.

In the end, she fell into her chair.

“Nanxing, I… didnt mean to harm you,” she told me hesitantly.

I smiled.

“Is that so I also remember that you said that you wouldnt do anything that would violate the general morality.”

Lu Yan nodded her head vigorously to express her affirmation.

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I smiled again.

“So slandering and framing me is not against your sense of morality”

Lu Yan was startled before she quickly shook her head.

The three of us laughed.

Lu Yan snapped to her senses.

She hurriedly explained, “Nanxing, I really didnt do such things.

It was Jing Ning! Jing Ning said this was the only way to save Ye Qian.

The fool is willing to do anything to help Ye Qian.

Nanxing, its really not me!”

I nodded.

Lu Yan was delighted.

“Nanxing, Ive always kept my words.

I will not harm you.”

I sighed softly.

“Lu Yan, I really want to believe you.

However, I have not told anyone about what Jing Ning has been doing to me on the internet.

It is normal for Jing Ning and Ye Qian to know about that, but what about you How would you know”

Lu Yans face turned pale.

I looked at Mai Qi and Jing Ni.

“Theres a sentence in Nanyangs journal.

She told me to be careful of someone who is kind and close to me.

I was confused.

I thought she was trying to sow discord between Mai Qi, Jing Ni and me.

But now I realize she was talking about you, Lu Yan!

“Lu Yan, Im curious How did you get to know Nanyang You induced her to commit suicide.

Framing me is not against your sense of morality, but what about suicide coercion Nanyangs child is still so young and is living inside the incubator!” My face was frosted over.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni also looked at Lu Yan.

Lu Yan jumped up in shock and waved her hands.


I did no such things.

Nanxing, I really didnt have anything to do with Nanyangs death.” I didnt believe her.

Lu Yan added anxiously, “Nanxing, I only talked to her.

I didnt harm her! Really!”

“When did you talk to her” I asked calmly.

“I met her at a party.” Lu Yan answered.

“Nanyang is pregnant.

Jing Ning doesnt like her, so he rarely brings her to social events.

So what kind of party did you meet her The last party you could see Nanyang would be at Nanyangs wedding.

I didnt think youd interacted with her then.

Or am I wrong” I exposed her lie.

Lu Yans lips moved, but she didnt say anything.

“Lu Yan, cunningness is not a bad thing.

Everyone is selfish.

Only fools are selfless.

However, that doesnt mean that you should treat others as fools!

“We were fools to have helped you into this circle, but we are not fools you can manipulate forever.

You can compete with Ye Qian all you like, but you shouldnt disregard human lives! Regardless of my relationship with Nanyang, that is not an excuse for you to harm her and her child.” I looked at Lu Yan.

“This is such a masterful manipulation technique.

You used Nanyang to set a trap for Ye Qian.

However, you wanted me to fall into the trap too..

Lu Yan, you have gotten greedy and bitten off more than you can chew.”


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