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Chapter 390: A Different Path

Translator: Lonelytree

Lu Yan looked at me pleadingly.

“Nanxing, you have to believe me.

I never wanted to harm you.

Its true.”

“What about Nanyang Did you want to harm her” I asked her.

“Nanxing, I didnt want to hurt anyone.

However, if someone is in your path, wouldnt it be normal to move them away” Lu Yan questioned me.

I looked at her and waited for her to continue.

As expected of Lu Yan, she had already calmed down.

Her arguments became sounder, “Nanxing, Im not the same as you.

No matter how hard your life was, you came from a wealthy family.

None of you will understand my life as an orphan.

“I never thought I would be able to find my biological parents in this life.

To be honest with you, I live my days in anxiety.

I am so scared that Id wake up to find out it has all been a dream.” Her eyes were filled with tears.

“Ye Qian has always been a threat to me.

The only way for me to neutralize her is to force her out of the Gu Family.

On the surface, she is well-loved and well-liked.

No one was willing to help me take her down.

“However, everyone has their weaknesses.

Not everyone will fall for her charm.

And among those who do, the person who dares to go against Ye Qian is Nanyang.

After all, which wife would allow their husband to have an ambiguous relationship with another woman

“Even if Nanyang was forced to accept it, I believed she was cursing Ye Qian internally.

Therefore, I approached her and told her that I was trying to topple over Ye Qian.

Nanyang joined me without hesitation.

However, I never induced her to commit suicide, and she came to that solution on her own!”

Lu Yan looked pitiful.

However, we all understood what she meant.

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This was a verification of Auntie Lans words.

Nanyang was a tool both alive and dead.

In other words, there was no need to continue the conversation with Lu Yan anymore.

We were simply not on the same side.

I was quite depressed, especially since Nanyangs child was still in the hospital.

That evening, Jing Tian and my little uncle returned to Huan Yuan.

I was overjoyed to see them.

However, I was surprised because they had two extra guests with them.

They were Brother Mang and Brother Si.

I was shocked.

“Why are you all together”

My little uncle didnt have his usual cheeky smile.

“Nanxing, stop investigating the kidnapping case.”

I was stunned.

I looked at Brother Mang and Brother Si.

They turned to the side dejectedly.

I looked closer and noticed their faces were heavily injured.

“Nanxing, you need to stop.

This is not a good time to do any investigation.

If the investigation could be done so easily, do you think Jing Tian and I wouldnt have done anything for so many years Youre still new at this, so you shouldnt put the innocent in danger.” My little uncle was never so strict with me before.

I nodded subconsciously.

“Alright, I wont investigate this further.” I turned to Brother Mang and Brother Si.

“Are your injuries serious We should go to the hospital and then bring you home.

Well talk about the rest when we have time.”

They looked apologetic.

“Sister Xing, were sorry.”

I waved my hand.

“Why are you apologizing Were closer than that.

Plus, its been some time since you went home.

You should hurry to nurse your wounds and then go home to your family and friends.”

Before they could say anything, Jing Tian said, “Go.

Dont let Nanxing worry.”

The two of them immediately stopped talking..

They bowed respectfully to my little uncle and Jing Tian before leaving.


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