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Chapter 397: Lost Contact

Lost contact What did he mean

“I cant contact anyone else.

More than ten of us came on this trip, but only I stayed with you and Master Qi.

The others are scattered.

The Ardent Flame Alliance has its sects here, but I cant contact any of the sect leaders.

Ive also lost contact with Su Qian and Su Shen.

Its just you and me now.” Gao Da seemed to have used a lot of strength to explain himself.

Then, I pieced his words together in my mind and finally understood what he meant.

“Brother Gao Da, has everyone been captured” I asked carefully.

Gao Da shook his head.

“The sect halls have an early warning system.

The sect members will hide if theres any danger.

So its not necessarily that theyre captured.

If I have to guess, theyve gone into hiding.

However, Su Qian and Su Shen… Maybe theyre with Master Qi.”

I slowly regained my senses and reorganized everything.

“Brother Gao Da, is it possible they have mistaken Su Qian and Su Shen as me” I voiced my thoughts.

Gao Da nodded.

“Its possible.”

“Then, who are those masked people I think Ive seen them before.”

“Theyre mercenaries.

They can be employed by anyone.

For example, once this mission is over, the Ardent Flame Alliance can employ them if we want to.” Brother Gao Da explained.

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“Theres such a group” I exclaimed in surprise.

Gao Da nodded.

“Theyre willing to do anything for money.

However, they will always complete their missions.

So they can be considered trustworthy.”

“That means theyre working for someone else and are here to kidnap Jing Tian Then who is the mastermind”I asked.

Gao Da shook his head.

“Lets contact my little uncle and ask him to come over to help us.” I reached for my phone.

Gao Da looked at me and shook his head.

“Nanxing, we have lost contact with everyone, and that includes Master Si.”

I was completely stunned.

“How is this possible”

I immediately dialed my little uncles number.

It wouldnt go through.

I called Mai Qis number and then Jing Nis number.

They wouldnt go through either.

I looked at Gao Da in astonishment.

Gao Da looked back at me.

“How is this possible How did this happen My little uncle and the others, what happened to them” I could hear my voice trembling.

“What about Brother Jing Cant we contact Brother Jing” I asked anxiously.

Gao Da smiled bitterly.

Of course, if my little uncle was captured, Brother Gao Jing would be captured too.

They wouldnt let him go.

I was really a jinx.

Everything I predicted happened!

“So, what should we do now” I blurted out.

Gao Da stood up and paced back and forth.

“We have to find Master Qi first.

We dont know whats going on with Master Si, so we cant act rashly.

The most important thing now is to rescue Master Qi.”

I thought about the situation carefully.

“Those people not only looked for Jing Tian but also other people.

They have taken more people than Jing Tian and Brown.

Who is Brown How is he related to Jing Tian Who else is captured”

Gao Da threw the computer to me.

“I hacked into the hotels surveillance cameras.

Unfortunately, the footage is severely damaged.

Nanxing, I need to salvage the files.

We need to focus on rescuing Master Qi!”



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