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Chapter 398: The Trap

Translator: Lonelytree

The surveillance footage was severely damaged.

The image was blurry.

If only Mai Qi were here, her restoration skill would be better than mine.

Jing Ni was best at making data comparisons.

I could do everything.

I was a Jack of All Trades but Master of None.

If there was one thing I was good at, it was hacking, something that people would deem illegal.

However, I didnt mind.

The process wasnt important because the important thing was the result.

From the recovered footage, I noticed that the masked people took away four people.

Apart from Jing Tian and Brown, there were two Caucasian males.

I showed their faces to Gao Da.

Gao Da frowned.

“Do you know them I didnt search for them in the database since I thought asking you would be faster.” I said as I studied his expression.

Gao Das expression was grave.

He placed his hand on his chin.

“Who are they” I couldnt help but feel anxious.

Gao Da stopped and looked at me.

“Theyre all professors.

Some teach math, some teach physics, and some teach computers.”

Jing Tian was a computer science professor.

He was a data analysis expert, the youngest professor at M University.

The other three were experts in mathematics and physics.

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“What does this mean What does the mastermind want To open a school” I asked Gao Da.

Gao Da shook his head.

“I dont know.”

My brain worked quickly.

“Who knows Jing Tian and I are coming abroad What is Jing Tian supposed to do here”

Gao Da looked at me and answered, “Master Qi was on a business trip following the Old Masters orders.

The fifth master of the Jing Family bungled a business deal, so Master Qi was ordered to come to fix it.”

“Jing Tian told me he was coming abroad more than a month ago.

Did he tell anyone else” I asked.

Gao Da shook his head.

“Master Qi and his people will never reveal his movement.

The people of the Jing Family and the Jing Group might know since this is the fifth masters problem.

However, the old master would not allow news to travel beyond that because it would make the family lose face.”

I nodded.

“But those people know exactly where were staying.”

Gao Da was startled.

“Someone in the Jing Family has sold Master Qi out” I looked at him, not nodding or shaking my head.

It was not that unusual for the Jing Family to betray Jing Tian.

“But why The business deal is very important to the Jing Family.

Its related to a billion-dollar business.” Gao Da found it hard to believe.

“Weve been here for a few days already.

Has the matter been resolved” I asked Gao Da.

Gao Das expression turned ugly.

He nodded with great difficulty.

“Yes, the matter has been resolved.

Master Qi has sent a report back to China.

The Jing Group would send someone to take over.

The old master called Master Qi personally and promised to give ten percent of the profit to Master Qi.”

The old man wanted to give ten percent of several billion to Jing Tian.

He must love Jing Tian deeply.

No wonder people were envious of Jing Tian.

I rolled my eyes.

Gao Da muttered, “No wonder the timing is so perfect.

They sold Master Qi out the moment the matter was settled.

They have squeezed Master Qi for his every value!”

Jing Nings cold gaze flashed past my mind.

Only Jing Ning could do such a thing.

However, Jing Ning didnt have such a high IQ..

Then, the credit for this plan would probably go to Ye Qian.



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