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Chapter 400: Reasons

Translator: Lonelytree

The darknet had both advantages and disadvantages.

It was a place that was even deeper than the Mariana Trench.

I dropped a bait in this sea to look for my companions.

I wasnt an optimistic person, and I was always prepared for the worst.

However, I believed in my two companions abilities.

If they were in the same position as I was, they would know where we could find each other.

I prayed for Jing Tians safety while I traced the origins of the three who were captured alongside them.

I wanted to figure out the culprit from their common points.

Gao Da was responsible for executing my order.

I worked on the virtual space.

I needed Gao Da to carry out the actual operations.

Finally, there was news from China.

Jing Ning officially took over the project Jing Tian came here to fix.

It was certain that he would become the next head of the Jing Family.

Even though Ye Qian was just his fiance, she could already be considered the next eldest young madam.

I sighed.

Ye Qian was forced to take this step by Lu Yan.

She needed another wealthy family to be her support after she was kicked out of the Gu Family by Lu Yan.

The fight between the two had roped in Jing Tian.

This made me very annoyed with both of them.

Another person that irritated me was Old Master Jing.

He sent Jing Tian abroad to fix the mess but handed the project immediately over to Jing Ning.

The old man clearly wanted Jing Ning to be his successor, but he also didnt want to give up Jing Tian.

The old man was so crazy that I couldnt be bothered with him.

I focused on researching the few who were captured alongside Jing Tian.

Gao Da hadnt slept for several nights in a row.

When I lifted my eyes from the computer, he had already fallen asleep.

He hugged the laptop and slept leaning against the sofa.

I walked over to put away his laptop.

The moment I touched his computer, he jumped up in a defensive pose.

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I was impressed by his reaction speed.

“Brother Gao Da, you need to sleep.

You cant keep on going without rest.

I am completely useless in battle, so youre the only one I can depend on.” I said as calmly as I could.

Gao Da handed his laptop to me.

“Old Master Jing and Young Master Jing Ning are coming.”

I glanced at his laptop.

Gao Da had hacked into the internal network of the Jing Group.

I frowned.

“Why are they coming”

Gao Da said casually, “Old Master Jing is probably coming to officialize the handover to Jing Ning.

The old master wants to give several hundred million to Master Qi from this deal.

Jing Ning will not accept that.

He has to come over to smooth out certain things.”

That made sense… except why Jing Ning was coming over in person He could handle everything back in China.

At that moment, I understood something.

First, Jing Tian was sent abroad, and now Old Master Jing was coming over.

This wasnt a coincidence.

What was the thing that needed to be smoothed over The hindrance on the road.

Jing Ning and Old Master Jing were both hindrances on the road… Whose road The answer was clear.

“Brother Gao Da, we need to find out Old Master Jings schedule.

We need to bring him here.

The war is going to be pushed forward.” I instructed Gao Da.

He was baffled, so I explained it to him.

I then realized Gao Da was just pretending to be dumb.

He was testing me.

This stemmed from his cautious nature.

However, we soon came to the same page.

We both wanted Jing Tian to be safe.

There was no better place to know a persons loyalty than on the battlefield..


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