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Chapter 402: Deciphered

I stared at the numbers until my eyes blurred, but I still got nothing.

Gao Da looked sad.

“This is worse than the lottery! At least for the lottery, there is a range for us to guess!”

I had an idea.

I glanced at Gao Da.

Gao Da was puzzled.

“Whats wrong Did you think of something”

“Repeat what you said.” I looked at him.

“Huh This is worse than the lottery! At least for the lottery, there is a range for us to guess” Gao Da looked at me in confusion.

I immediately sat up, grabbed a pen and paper, and began to write.

Gao Da wanted over curiously.

“Twenty-six English letters What do you mean”

I didnt say anything.

I held my phone and studied the numbers.

After two hours, I showed my results to Gao Da, who was dozing off.

There were four words on the paper: “Save my dad first.”

Gao Da shuddered and stood up.

He stared at the paper, then at me.

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I looked at him and pointed at the paper.

“I think Ive cracked the code.

This is also consistent with what we know.”

Gao Da heaved a sigh of relief.

“Are you sure youre not connected psychologically to Master Qi How do you know to turn the numbers into English letters”

“Its more than that.

You also have to swap it for the Chinese pin yin.” I corrected.

Gao Da looked like he was about to collapse.

I looked at the time.

“Brother Gao Da, if we dont move now, well be late.”

The flight from China was about to arrive.

Gao Da looked at me in shock.

“What do you mean”

I stood up.

“We have to save Old Master Jing.

Jing Tian told us to.”

Gao Da gulped.

“Sister Xing, were talking about Old Master Jing! Plus, Master Qi is not here.

How can we…”

I waved my hand.

“Desperate time calls for desperate measure.”

Gao Da felt helpless.

“Sister Xing, I understand your feelings, but the old master hasnt even landed yet.

Furthermore, we dont even know what kind of danger hed be in, so how are we supposed to save him”

I blinked.

“Well head to the airport now.

Based on my intuition, theyll make a move as Old Master Jing leaves the airport.

Therefore, we need to go to the airport now.

Well snatch the old man away before the enemy has the chance to strike!”

Gao Da was distressed, “Nanxing, all that is based on your intuition”

I nodded.

“My intuition is often very accurate.” I felt like Gao Da wanted to faint.

I pulled him along.

“Lets go, Brother Gao Da.

Dont dawdle.

Well be too late if we delay any longer.

Were cutting the time thin as it is.”

I pushed Gao Da out the door.

Once we were outside, Gao Da straightened his back.

He put on the cap he grabbed from the hotel.

He pressed the rim down.

He did the same for me.

I understood his intention.

I grabbed his arm and hid behind him.

Gao Da drove us to the airport.

My intuition about bad things was always accurate.

The traffic to the airport was congested.

I got out of the car to ask around.

I was told there was a major car accident.

Several cars crashed, and there were serious casualties.

It would take a while to clear the traffic up.

Gao Das expression became serious.

I took out my laptop and hacked into the nearby cameras.

To be fair, I already knew what I was going to see.

As I expected, I saw Old Master Jing being rudely shoved into a getaway car.

My intuition was correct.

Of course, I also based my intuition on my understanding of Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

I pulled the info I needed from the surveillance footage..


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