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Chapter 406: Apartment

Translator: Lonelytree

I snorted coldly.

“Indeed, how can it be possible Hes your favorite grandson.

Since he was young, he has been responsive to your every request.

Hes the most filial, sensible, and capable person.

Youve nurtured him as your successor.”

The old man fell silent.

“And that is fine.

You should treat him as your successor.

Why do you have to favor Jing Tian Doing that only makes the others hate Jing Tian.

“Jing Ning is such a narrow-minded person.

How do you expect him to sleep at night when he sees Jing Tian There can only be one successor.

How can he ensure he gets what he wants Dont tell me you dont know that

“Are you dumb No, youre not dumb! In fact, youre very clever.

Youre so clever because you have such an amazing son and grandson.

No one is better than you, right

“Now that youve made your bed, you need to lie in it.

Jing Ning finally made a move to get rid of you and Jing Tian.

Why are you surprised You made Jing Ning into this person, so who can you blame”

I shouted at the old man.

His expression was extremely unsightly.

However, I had no sympathy for him.

My car was bumping all the way.

I had to hold the steering wheel with one hand as I navigated the GPS.

Thankfully, the old man was too deep in thought to mind my driving skill.

It was midnight when we arrived at Xing Hai Apartment.

I circled the area twice and found nothing suspicious.

I drove into the parking lot.

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When I got down, the world was spinning, and my legs were weak.

I held the car door and stood there for a while before I reminded the old man to get out.

Our destination was Room A on the tenth floor.

The password was Jing Tians birthday.

I gritted my teeth and maintained a high degree of vigilance.

This was an old building, and it was very quiet inside.

The guard on the first-floor lobby was African American.

He glanced at us and said nothing.

I tried my best to look normal as I supported the old man.

The old man was walking straight, and his eyes were resolute.

He was back to being the powerful Old Master Jing.

After opening the door, I wobbled and fell to the ground.

“Girl, are you injured” The old man asked with great concern.

He moved to turn on the light.

I immediately jumped up to turn off the light.

The room sank into darkness again.

I leaned against the wall and panted.

“Wh-Whats wrong” The old man asked carefully.

I didnt say anything.

I waited until my eyes adapted to the darkness.

I walked over to close all the curtains.

Only then did I turn on the small table lamp.

It made the old man nervous.

I sat cross-legged on the ground and told him, “Why dont you go look for food”

The old man obliged.

I calmed down.

The impact from jumping out of the car was still stinging.

I felt like shattering.

All I could do now was to wait for Gao Da and reinforcement.

I scanned my surroundings.

This was a minimalist house.

It should be Ardent Flame Alliances safe house.

There was a bed, a sofa, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Most importantly, there was a computer and internet access.

I bit my teeth and crawled towards the computer.

With the computer, I could contact the outside world.

The old man found a bottle of water in the kitchen.

He passed it to me and said with concern.

“Girl, you need to drink some water.

Are you sure you should turn on the computer What if someone tracks you through the internet”

I took the water and smiled at him.

“The internet doesnt work like that.

Dont be fooled by that bastard Jing Ning..”


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