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Chapter 408: Exposed

Translator: Lonelytree

I was so happy that I cried.

“Jing Tian is safe.

He told me not to worry!”

The old man also revealed a smile.

“Thats good.

Then, dont cry anymore.”

I looked at the time.

It had been an hour, but Gao Da hadnt returned.

My heart sank, and my tears fell again.

The old man understood why.

He patted my shoulders.

“Maybe hes on his way here.

Who can tell what had really happened”

I nodded and raised my hand to wipe away my tears.

As long as they were still alive, I would save them.

I continued to search the darknet while pondering the old mans suggestion.

I had to admit his suggestion was wise.

My mind was muddled, but he was able to come up with a solution despite the emotional blow he felt.

I started to admire him.

My heart almost jumped out when I got Jing Nis signal.

I knelt and pressed my palms together, kowtowing to the computer.

“Whats wrong” The old man was startled by me.

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“Its Jing Ni,” I said excitedly.

The old man was a little surprised.

“Jing Ni Where is she”

“Shes in another country with my uncle and Mai Qi.

I dont know why but I lost contact with them when the kidnapping happened.

I suspect theyre in trouble too.

Ill try to contact them now.” I sent a message to Jing Ni as I explained the situation to the old man.

My mood instantly improved.

As long as everyone was still alive, things could be solved.

Jing Ni and I switched to a private channel, and we communicated using the simplest code.

“Tragedy, Qi Injured.” As expected, tragedy struck them too.

I updated her about our condition.

We discussed our missions.

Jing Ni would bring Mai Qi back to China and look after Auntie Lan.

My little uncle would come to help me save Jing Tian.

I felt so relieved.

I let out a heavy sigh of relief.

However, I was suddenly startled by the flashing lights outside the window.

I quickly got up and hid behind the curtains to look.

Four cars arrived, and people got down.

The lights flashed, and I saw the symbol of Ardent Flame Alliance on the cars.

I was relieved.

They were allies.

Where was Gao Da Was he injured Did he send these people to save us Wait!

A bad feeling suddenly flashed through my mind.

Wrong! The Ardent Flame Alliance wouldnt come so brazenly.

Jing Tian and Gao Da hadnt lifted the protocol so the gang members wouldnt act so openly.

I immediately rushed to the computer.

I tore off the internet cable and the hard disk in a few seconds.

I dropped them into the water tank of the toilet.

Then I grabbed a boning knife from the kitchen.

I handed the old man an iron rod.

“Dont make any sound.

Lets go!”

He was confused, but he didnt ask anything.

He followed me.

I closed the door and held my breath to listen.

The elevator rumbled, so they must have used the elevator.

I pulled the old man up and ran to the safety stairwell.

We rushed through the stairwell door when the elevator opened.

I told the old man.

“We need to run downstairs.

Ill cover the rear.”

The old man looked at me and said, “Be careful!”

He rushed downstairs.

Old Master Jing was ten years older than Auntie Lan.

To make himself look more compatible with Auntie Lan, he had been working out to keep in shape.

It was a great asset at this moment..


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