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Chapter 409: The Slaughter

We ran down three floors.

I paused to press the elevator buttons at each other.

That would delay our pursuer.

The old man gave me a thumbs up.

I had no time to care about anything else.

I pulled the old man through the lobby and out the door.

The African American guard looked at me.

I glared back at him and flashed the knife.

There were two guards outside the door.

When they saw us, they reached for their phones.

I swung my hand and cut his phone loose.

Blood splattered everywhere.

His arm was broken or at least crippled.

The cry startled his accomplice.

I cut at him and pushed the old man towards ourabandoned car.

Footsteps came after us.

I jumped into the car, but the engine refused to start.

The people reached us.

Machetes and iron rods swung at the car.

I locked the car window.

I glared at our assailants.

My blood started to boil, and I gripped the hilt of the knife tightly.

My breathing became rapid.

The window of the backseat couldnt withstand much longer.

It was about to crack.

At that moment, a black muzzle aimed at my temple from outside my window.

This was the first time a gun was pointed so close at me.

I turned to look at the gunner.

The gunner hooked his index finger at me.

I opened the door.

The old man whispered, “Nanxing, dont open the door.”

I didnt turn to look at him.

He was Jing Tians father.

I had to protect him no matter what.

I opened the door.

The gunner stopped his subordinates.

He was Chinese.

He pointed his gun at me and said calmly, “Miss Nanxing, Im sorry.

We have received orders to kill you and that old man.”

I smiled.

“Thank you.

At least the old man will know the truth before he dies.” I closed the car door.

“But the Nan Family will never give up until the last moment.

I dont like being shot at either.”

He raised his hand and pulled the trigger.

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There was a sharp brake as a car rushed out from behind the gunner.

The gunner was knocked into the air.

Before he landed, my knife had already pierced the neck of the man closest to me.

I flicked my wrist, and a stream of blood gushed out.

It covered my face.

The dead body fell to the ground with a thud.

It was the gunner.

I didnt stop as I continued my slaughter.

I cut off a mans arm and stole his machete.

The car stopped, and Gao Da came out gun-slinging.

I was in the middle of a bloodlust.

I knew Gao Da would look after me, so I didnt hold back.

At the hotel, I suppressed my emotions because of Gao Da and Jing Tian.

The past few days of escaping had added a lot of pressure to my mind.

I was trying my best to keep my rationality.

However, at that moment, I just wanted to slaughter everyone before me.

The last person fell.

I was so tired I knelt on one knee.

I had to use the machete to support my body.

“Nanxing!” Gao Da walked over to hold me.

“Brother Gao Da.” I felt like crying.

Gao Da was covered in injuries.

The old man got out of the car.


I smiled at him.

“Im fine, but youll disprove of me even more now.”

He wanted a gentle and virtuous wife for his son.

I was obviously not that type.

However, I was surprised that I was about to calm down so quickly after the bloodlust this time..


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