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Chapter 41: Conscription

Princess of the underworld How dramatic can these people be I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

Even though the old family home was completely messed up, since I was perfectly fine, my little uncle and Jing Tian finally settled down.

Brother Hu and his team were called into the room and they stood at attention by the wall.

Jing Tian sat on the sofa steadily.

My little uncle toyed with the folding knife in his hand while sitting on the armrest of Jing Tians chair.

“Since Han Cheng is no more, then from now on, you will be a part of…” Jing Tian lifted his head to glance at Tong Le.

Tong Le glared back at him, “Since theyre Nan Xings people, naturally theyll be part of my gang!”

Jing Tian turned back to Ah Hu, “Youll be part of the Ardent Flame Alliance from now on!”

Brother Hus team was startled before they said with great excitement, “Thank you Master Qi for taking us in! We will not disappoint you!”

Tong Le stood up and pointed at Jing Tian angrily.

“Wait, did you not hear me Theyre Nan Xings people so naturally they belong to Dragon Gate, my gang!”

Jing Tian ignored him and continued to address Brother Hus team, “Since you guys came here for Nanxing, then your main mission will be to protect her and listen to order.

Youll be our own independent sect.

Nanxing will be your guide.”

“Yes, master!” Brother Hu and his men answered proudly with their chests all puffed out.

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Tong Le was so angry that he stepped forward to grab Jing Tians collar.

“Since when is Nanxing yours Dont be so shameless! She is my niece!”

Jing Tian flicked Tong Les hands away and adjusted his collar.

“These four are locals and I am a local, you just came back here.

Who do you think will be able to take better care of Nanxing Who knows this place better My gang or your gang”

Tong Le had no answer to that.

Jing Tian is able to remain calm under the greatest pressure! That is why I admire him.

With just a few words, he manages to settle my little uncle!

My little uncle thought about it and couldnt help but worry.

He pointed at Ah Hu and asked, “Whats your name again”

Ah Hu quickly answered, “Its Ah Hu, Master Si!”

Little uncle was quite satisfied with Ah Hus attitude.

“You might be member of the Ardent Flame but youll be protecting my niece so if you face any problem, come and look for Gao Jing.

Do you understand”

Ah Hus eyes widened loudly.

“Of course and thank you, Master Si!”

“Who is Gao Jing” I whispered to ask Tan Si.

Tan Si glanced cautiously at Master Qi and Master Si.

When he was sure no one was paying us any attention, he whispered back, “Gao Jing is Master Sis right hand man.

He is equal to Master Qis right hand man, Brother Gao Da.

Seeing Gao Da and Gao Jing is like seeing Master Qi and Master Si.”

Oh… I nodded.

“Then who do you see when you see me” I asked Tan Si without lowering my voice.

My little uncle and Jing Tian turned towards me immediately.

I twirled my hair with my fingers and looked at Brother Hus team.

Tan Si straightened his back immediately.

“Seeing sister Xing is like seeing the Godmother!”

Well, that is somewhat better than the princess…

This answer seemed to satisfy my uncle and Jing Tian.

They looked at each other.

Jing Tian told Ah Hu, “Go and find Ah Da.

Tell him about our arrangement here, he will know what to do next.”

“Yes, Master Qi!” Brother Hu left immediately after receiving the order.

Seeing them rush away, I felt quite disappointed.

“I was the one who conscripted them, but how come it feels like they respect your orders more than they do mine” I mumbled to myself and sighed.

“My dear darling niece, can you please dont make so much trouble for me Once I remembered that you have revealed your own address so brazenly on the darknet, my blood pressure would rise to 180.

There are so many things you can do with your life, why must you mix in with the underworld” My little uncle sighed.

I shrugged.

“Due to my background, even if I stay away from the underworld, the people from the underworld will not leave me alone.

In that case, why shouldnt I face it head on Plus, little uncle, didnt you face the same thing when you were young So if you can do it, why cant I”

My little uncle looked at me and sighed helplessly, “You truly are my sisters daughter!”

Jing Tian stood up to pat my little uncles shoulder.

“O well, its already too late to say anything else now.

Well just face the problems as they come.” I immediately turned to Jing Tian with an appreciative gaze for standing up for me.

This time it was Jing Tian who sighed.

He looked at me and asked seriously, “Nanxing, have you thought about what could have happened if your little uncle and I didnt come in time today”

I answered frankly, “Honestly, I think I still would be able to escape unscathed.

Brother Hus team would be there to help me.”

Jing Tian placed his face in his palms.

Suddenly Tong Le narrowed his eyes at me.

“My little princess, is it your opinion that our arrivals have ruined your traps You believe you would have dealt with the ambush on your own without any problem”

I nodded, that was exactly what I thought.

Tong Le rested his head on Jing Tians shoulder.

“Ol Qi, I really dont know how to describe my feelings at this moment!”


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