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Chapter 413: Breach of Contract

Translator: Lonelytree

I looked at Ye Qian and said with a faint smile, “Thank you for your concern, Miss Ye.

Master Qi is busy.

Plus, this is a matter of the Tong Family and has nothing to do with him.”

When Ye Qian heard me call her Miss Ye, her eyes moved away.

Smith took my contract and browsed through it.

He asked, “Miss Nan, you said Old Master Jing has agreed to let you participate in this project”

I nodded, “Yes.

Other than that, the Tong Corporation would like to invite Mr.

Smith to participate more deeply in this project if you decide to work with us.

If youre interested, we can arrange to fly you to China.

Youll have quite a say in the project.”

Smith nodded.

His gaze shifted between the contracts.

I knew I had him hooked.

I smiled provocatively at Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

Jing Nings expression was extremely unsightly.

His eyes were about to spew fire.

He wanted to kill me.

Ye Qians face was deathly pale.

She avoided looking at me.

When Smith was done reading the contract, I opened my palm and showed him a golden key.

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Smith was pleasantly surprised.

“Miss Nanxing, why do you have this key”

I smiled, “This is an important memento, yes”

Smith nodded.


This is a memento when the group formed our friendship.”

He held the golden key in his hand and looked through it carefully.

Joy was evident on his face.


Smith.” Ye Qian had calmed down.

She called after Smith.

Smith came back to his senses.

He politely pushed Jing Nings contract away.

“Im sorry, Mr.


I cant sign the contract for now.

I need to go through Miss Nans offer first.” He looked at me.

“Ive seen the contract, there isnt any big problem.”


Smith, how can you do this This is ridiculous!” Jing Ning was furious.

Ye Qian pulled the impulsive Jing Ning back and said very calmly, “Mr.

Smith, weve reached the last step of our negotiation.

We only need you to sign the contract.

Changing your decision at the last minute is a violation of business decorum.” Ye Qian was much better at this than Jing Ning.

Smith was embarrassed.

I smiled.


Smith, other than this contract and key, Ive prepared another gift for you.

The Tong Corporation would like to invite you to join our next project in M City.” As I spoke, I handed another contract to Smith.

I smiled.

“It is indeed my fault to request Mr.

Smith to cancel the contract at the last minute.

So, the Tong Corporation shall offer Mr.

Smith two contracts to make up for it.”

Smith read the new contract and nodded repeatedly.


Miss Nan, you are a lifesaver!”

I glanced at Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

I was in great admiration of Old Master Jing.

Before the old master, Jing Ning and Ye Qian were children.

Old Master Jing only needed me to recite everything he said to wipe out these two scheming bastards!

Old Master Jings words rang in my mind.

“In the business world, there are no eternal enemies or eternal friends.

The only thing that is eternal is the pursuit of profit.

The business world is nothing more than a perpetual chase for profit..

Girl, once you understand that, youll be at the top of the pyramid.

Most importantly, you have to keep your composure at all times!”


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