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Chapter 416: Father and Son

Translator: Lonelytree

We arranged everything in an orderly manner according to the guidance of the old master.

I represented the Tong Corporation to snatch the business deal away from the Jing Family.

Jing Nings plan was thwarted by me… or rather by his grandfather.

The old master used the extra money to buy out his own company.

It was his money, so he could do whatever he wanted!

The old master taught me how to negotiate the contract and how to arrange the division of labor.

He taught me many things.

I realized he and Auntie Lan were a perfect match.

They were quite stubborn and did things their own way!

However, the biggest surprise was I received another message from Jing Tian.

This time, he contacted me through the darknet.

I was overjoyed.

When we formed a private channel, I couldnt calm down for a long time.

I asked Jing Tian if he was injured.

He answered, “Im safe.”

My heart was eased.

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Jing Tian gave me a task.

He wanted me to hack into a specific system to steal some files and plant some viruses.

I had to do all that within 24 hours.

I shared with him our plan.

He didnt reply for a long time.

In the end, he sent me a message, “Dad, take care of yourself!”

The old master burst into tears like a little child.

Gao Da and I were dumbfounded.

After a long time, Gao Da whispered to me, “The relationship between Master Qi and the old master has always been awkward.

The old master tries his best to endear himself to Master Qi, but Master Qi always pushes him back.

Master Qi will heed the old masters order, but he will never take any gifts from the old master.”

I finally understood.

Jing Tians words of concern broke through Old Master Jings shell.

The relationship between this pair of father and son was so different!

I followed Jing Tians instructions and began attacking the system.

Gao Da took advantage of this opportunity to clean up Ardent Flame Alliance.

Old Master Jing stayed with me.

He didnt understand what I was doing, but he didnt dare to disturb me.

He was also extremely anxious.

My little uncle finally arrived.

I rushed over to hug him and started crying.

I had been holding in my emotions around Gao Da and Old Master Jing.

If I broke down, it would affect their morale.

However, I could unleash my emotions in front of my little uncle.

My little uncle hugged me tightly.

I could sense the concern from his force.

When I was done crying, he pulled me away and said in a hoarse voice, “Alright, save some of your tears for when Jing Tian comes back.” He just wont say nice things.

I rubbed my tears with his sleeves and harrumphed, “Why did you suddenly disappear Do you know how scared I was Youre my only family! Do you want me to be an orphan”

Tong Le smiled helplessly.

He rubbed my hair and said, “Stop joking and get on with your work.

Youre already old enough to get married, so stop making such jokes!”

I punched him in the shoulder.

“I was worried about you! Why are you still smiling !”

Tong Le winced and sucked in a deep breath.

He staggered back.

I was shocked.

I went forward and grabbed him.

“Little Uncle, what happened to you”

Tong Le grabbed his chest and laughed.

“I had a small injury.

Why did you think I lost contact with you”

“Is it serious Let me take a look!” I rushed forward to strip him.


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