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Chapter 418: Backdoor

Tong Le also looked at the old man in surprise, not understanding what was going on.

Old Master Jing repeated, “I want to invest in Tong Corporation to hollow out the Jing Group.” The old man appeared to have lost his mind again.

I typed in the last set of codes.

He added, “Consider it my betrothal gift to Nanxing on behalf of Jing Tian.”

I fell off the chair.

I sat on the ground and looked at the two of them in a daze.

My little uncle pulled me up with a frown, he said through gritted teeth.

“Do you have to react so excitedly”

I didnt know how to respond.

I pushed my little uncle aside and asked the old master, “Old Master, didnt you disapprove of me being with Jing Tian”

The old master shrugged, “That was then, and this is now.

I believe youre the only one worthy of my son!” How confident he was.

How come I didnt have his confidence

“As if Ill marry him! Ill have to marry him because you said so” This was all Jing Tians fault.

I couldnt help smiling despite my protest.

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Tong Le stood to the side and said wickedly, “Nanxing, I know you can do better than that.

Tell him that youll go to the nunnery than marry his son!”

I rolled my eyes at them.

I pulled back my chair and continued to attack the system.

My heart was so sweet that I couldnt help curl up the corners of my mouth.

Tong Le nudged my head.

I didnt need to turn back to see the annoyance on his face.

As a mature man, he restrained himself and told the old master, “Old Master Jing, you dont need to invest in the Tong Corporation to get me to help the Jing Family.

Ill help you to the end.

The Tong Family is not that poor that we cant support you for a few months.”

The old man smiled, “I know youre a good friend to Jing Tian, but I insist.

I intend to use my money to buy back the Jing Group.”

I turned around while typing.

“Isnt it rather silly to do that Youre only throwing money at your prodigal sons and grandsons.”

Old Master Jing said kindly, “Nanxing, you dont have to worry about it.

Just focus on completing the tasks that Jing Tian has entrusted to you.

Your little uncle and I will take care of the other matters.

When Im done with all the preparation, I guarantee you a good show.”

I raised my hand to make an ok sign.

Jing Tians system was perfect.

I believed no one could find fault with it.

However, he left a backdoor in the system for me.

Regardless, it still took me a lot of effort to get through the backdoor.

I finally managed to crack it after two days and one night of non-stop working.

I managed to plant a virus in the system.

The virus was basically a window, one that no one knew about.

Through the window, I could enter the system at any time without being discovered.

I really admired Jing Tians skill and courage.

This was a lion asking a fox to build a chicken coop.

The fox installed a backdoor under the coop so he could conveniently steal the chickens in the future.

Jing Tian was the fox who built the coop, and I was his disciple fox.

I felt sorry for the big shot who kidnapped Jing Tian.

They must be very stupid to come up with this plan.

You should never threaten an expert to do something you didnt understand.

It was way too easy for the expert to retaliate without you realizing it.

After everything was ready, I didnt contact Jing Tian in a hurry.

Instead, I lay down to repay my sleep debt.

The decisive battle was imminent.

I needed to be at the peak of my physical and mental strength..


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