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Chapter 419: Internal Injuries

Translator: Lonelytree

My sleep was not well due to the intense stimulation of the past few days.

Even in my dreams, I was unable to escape from them.

I dreamed about the things that my little uncle told me they had experienced.

Tong Le accompanied Jing Ni and Mai Qi to the hacker competition.

Moreover, Tong Le needed to go to Country A.

Dragons Gate discovered a new sect popping up in Country A.

They identified themselves as a branch of the Tong Family.

Tong Le believed someone was misusing the Tong Family name.

Tong Le decided to go to Country A in person to investigate.

Jing Ni and Mai Qi were both attached to Tong Le.

However, after what they had been through, they had both given up on Tong Le, which made him quite relaxed.

After Tong Le settled Jing Ni and Mai Qi, he started his investigation.

The result surprised Tong Le because he ran into an unbelievable face in a fight.

It was his nephew, Tong Zhuo, who should have been dead.

It was Tong Zhuo who shot Tong Le.

The person who looked like Tong Zhou couldnt recognize Tong Le.

It made Tong Le wonder if the person was really Tong Zhuo.

When the Tong Family was attacked years ago, Tong Le was out of the country.

He used decades to revive the family, but the pain was still etched in his heart.

It was why he was so ecstatic when he found me.

The scar was carved in Tong Les heart.

It was why he kept such a close watch on me and why he strongly opposed the relationship between Jing Tian and me.

He couldnt bear the pain of losing a loved one anymore.

Jing Tian understood his pain.

Therefore, Jing Tian used his actions to prove to Tong Le that when he was with me, Tong Le wouldnt lose a family but gain a new family member.

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Tong Le had to grow up overnight.

He had lost many things in the process.

His growth was painted by pain and loss.

It clogged up his heart.

It was why he was incapable of love.

This worried me a lot.

When Qu Hao started to pursue Jing Ni, Tong Le gave them his blessing.

His feeling was not hurt.

He genuinely wished Jing Ni well.

Over the past two years, Tong Les heart had healed from my presence.

His fear of loss gradually improved.

However, the encounter with the person who looked like Tong Zhou had unraveled all the progress.

Tong Le searched Country A frantically for those people.

He left his messages everywhere, hoping to find back another one of his family members.

The normal Master Si was not this impulsive.

It was why tragedy struck.

Their hotel was attacked on the final day of the hacker competition.

The terrorists massacred the hotel guests.

Tong Le and Gao Jing resisted with all their might.

Dragons Gate was almost wiped out.

In the end, it was Qu Hao who came to rescue them.

Before they left, Tong Le saw Tong Zhuos doppelganger again.

He shouted Tong Zhuos name, and that exposed his location.

Tong Zhuo raised his gun and shot at Tong Les heart.

Tong Le told me that he didnt want to evade.

His heart was painful..

If he could die under the hand of his family, it would set him free.



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