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Chapter 421: Rumors

Translator: Lonelytree

I nodded vigorously.

“Brother Gao Da, you must bring Jing Tian back.

Make sure that nothing happens to any of you! You all must come back safely!”

Gao Da nodded solemnly.

“Of course!”

I hugged my little uncle.

I raised my head and told him, “Little Uncle, am I not good enough for you If you want more family, find a little aunt and give birth to more cousins for me.

Dont go finding relatives again.

There are many people who look alike.

Dont let your imagination run wild.

If I have to share you with another cousin, then Ill kill them! Im not going to share you with others!”

My little uncle knew what I meant.

He rubbed my head and said, “Why are you so jealous” But I knew he understood what I meant.

My little uncle and Gao Da departed before dawn.

At the same time, my gang of four arrived.

“Sister Xing!”

“Sister Xing!”

“Sister Xing!”

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“Sister Xing!”

When they saw me, they were so happy that they cried.

“What happened” I was a little confused.

Tan Si sobbed, “Things are in chaos back in the country.

They said Master Qi had been kidnapped and killed.

They said Old Master Jing is dead too.

He died before the Jing Family could save him.

The Jing Family was leaderless, and they pushed Young Master Ning to take charge.

“When the Seven Brothers heard the news, they immediately reacted.

That woman who was always beside Jing Ning said that Sister Xing was the one who planned Master Qi and Old Master Jings death to steal the Jing Familys businesses.

Everyone is pushing the blame on Sister Xing.”

I couldnt help but laugh.

Jing Ning and Ye Qian were definitely fast with their moves.

“Is there anything else”I asked them.

Ah Hu said calmly, “Sister Xing, the Jing family looks chaotic on the surface, but theyre actually in full control.

After Jing Ning took over, he immediately controlled Old Master Jings confidants.

I believe they have planned this for a long time already.”

I nodded.

The foxs tail had been revealed.

I asked them.

“I told you to look after Master Qis house.

Is everything alright there”

Ah Mang quickly said, “We sent people to act as Master Qis housekeepers to protect Mrs.


We didnt allow anyone from the Jing Family to come over to cause trouble.

Some women came, but Mrs.

Jing didnt see them.

It saved us a lot of trouble.

“The Jing Family held a memorial service for Old Master Jing, but Mrs.

Jing didnt attend.

People are unkind to Mrs.


The Third Madam Jing has been staying with Mrs.


Da Xiong said, “Miss Jing Ni and Mai Qi returned a few days ago.


Jing and Third Madam Jing had moved over to our place to look after the two misses.

Sister Xing, you dont need to worry about them.

Instead, you should be more worried about yourself.

The Jing Family is doing everything they can to slander your name.

What should we do”

I heard the movement behind me.

I didnt turn around.

“How about I hand the business deals back to the Jing Family That way, they wont have anything to say anymore!”

A heavy cough came from behind me.

The old master walked out in a white tang suit.

I looked at him with a smile, “What do you think, Old Master Jing”

The old master rolled his eyes at me.

“What nonsense are you spouting Ive told you they are Jing Tians betrothal gift! Ill give up the entire Jing Family to help Jing Tian get his wife!”

The old man sometimes acted like a child.

My gang of four was dumbstruck!


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