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Chapter 422: Questioned

Translator: Lonelytree

“Old… Old Master Jing” Ah Hu asked in a trembling voice.

“Oh my God, is this true Am I dreaming”Ah Si muttered as he gave himself a small slap.

Ah Mang asked, “Sister Xing, did you… kidnap Old Master Jing”

Da Xiong nudged him, “What are you talking about Why would Sister Xing kidnap Master Qis father”

I was speechless and I told Old Master Jing, “These are my people.

Theyre a bit slow but theyre good people.”

The old man grinned.

“There are benefits to a little slowness.

Theyll be loyal to you.”

I smiled, “If they arent loyal to me, why do I keep them around To anger me”

The old man laughed happily.

“Nanxing, youre really an interesting person.”

I rolled my eyes at him.

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I realized that one should never suck up to Old Master Jing.

He would suspect you of ulterior motive! The more you talked against him, the more hed like you.

However, the old mans heart was also easily fragile, and youd have to coax him.

Ah Hu was the first to react.

He said in surprise, “Sister Xing, are you working together with Old Master Jing”

Before I could say anything, Old Master Jing had already extended his thumb.

“Very smart! Why would Nanxing say that youre slow Shes always bringing people down.

Young man, do you know how to play Chinese chess”

Ah Hu nodded numbly.

“Yes, a little.”

Old Master was immediately delighted.

“Quickly come and play a game with me.

Ive been bored to death!” He took out the chessboard.

Tan Si was tongue-tied.

“Old, Old Master, but your family has, has announced your death.

They are divvying up your inheritance.

Are you sure we should be playing chess”

The old man set up the board.

“Its alright.

Ill buy the Jing Family back and give it to Nanxing as a betrothal gift.

For now, they can do anything they want.”

The four of them stared at me with wide eyes.

I spread my hands to express my feelings that I couldnt express.

Smith placed great importance on our contract signing.

He invited the media to witness it.

Under many spotlights, we finished and handed over the contracts to the other.

Suddenly, a reporter asked, “Miss Nanxing, people say that youve kidnapped Old Master Jing.

Now, youve stolen the Jing Familys business deal.

Does your conscience not hurt”

Everyone turned to look at the person.

The man was covered in a righteous aura.

The crowd turned back to look at me.

I signed my name before turning to the reporters.

When I saw their derisive faces, I smiled faintly.

“Sir, people say… Yes, indeed, people say.

May I ask who these people are Youre a journalist.

Do you not check your sources What a shame to your profession.”

The crowd stopped mumbling.

I smiled.

There were still some sensible people in the crowd.

“And why would I have a guilty conscience If everything you said is true, why didnt you call the police to arrest me

“Robbery, murder, and business robbery are serious crimes.

Shouldnt they be punished by actual law Sir, am I right”

I looked at the embarrassed man.

I handed the contact back to Smith and shook his hand again, “Mr.

Smith, happy collaboration.”

Smith frowned.

“Nanxing, do you need my company to release a clarification for you”

I shook my head gently.


Smith, an innocent person fears nothing.

We dont need to waste time on these irrelevant people.”

Smith smiled.

“Nanxing, youre the most… interesting girl Ive met.”

I said, “Mr.

Smith, are you sure you didnt mean to say the cruelest and most heartless”


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