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Chapter 424: Our Jing Family

Translator: Lonelytree

Old Master Jing walked over and told the police in a friendly manner.


Officer, you said I have been kidnapped I am Jing De, the CEO of the Jing Group.”

The leading officer looked at the old man with his mouth agape.

He took a photo from his subordinate and compared them.

The old man smiled and said, “I am very sorry to disappoint you.

I have not been kidnapped.”

The policeman muttered, “No, Im not disappointed.

Im very happy that you werent kidnapped.

Thats great!” That was what he said, but the man looked confused.

“But, but, it was your grandson who reported the case to us.

He said you were kidnapped at the airport.

He even provided us with evidence.

He claimed that it was Miss Nanxing who kidnapped you!”

Old Master Jing smiled, “Im standing right here perfectly unharmed.

What better evidence do you need that my kidnapping is not real”

The officer nodded in a daze.

Old Master Jing went to shake the officers hand.

He was very diplomatic.

I kept my eyes on the changing faces of Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

The police glared at the two as they left.

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Old Master Jing clapped his hands at the audience.

“Sorry for causing so much chaos with the reporters.

Thank you for being concerned about me.

But you can go now!”

I felt rather speechless.

After the old man accepted his death, he was rather unbound in spirit.

In the past, I had seen him as Jing Tians stern father and Auntie Lans loving husband, but now a crazy yet brilliant tactician.

These people shouldnt suspect me of kidnapping the old man, but they should think Ive replaced him with someone else!

Jing Ning pulled Ye Qian on stage and knelt with a thump, “Grandpa!”

What followed was an earth-shattering cry.

What a touching performance.

Old Master Jing reached out his hand to support his grandson without changing his expression.

He patted his shoulder.

“Were in public.

Why are you crying This is so shameful.”

Jing Ning stood up and studied his grandfather, “Grandpa, are you… Alright”

Old Master Jing turned around with a flourish.

“I feel fine.

Why” He waved his hands at the reporters.

“You people can go now.

All the contracts have been signed!”

Jing Ning was about to say something when Ye Qian stepped forward.

“Old Master, are you sure youre alright”

She asked very carefully.

I cursed internally.

The woman still had other tricks up her sleeves

Old Master Jing asked in return, “Why would you think Im not alright”

The reporters didnt move.

They wouldnt miss this for the world!

Ye Qian calmed down.

“Old Master, Mr.

Smith just signed a contract with Nanxing and took over the business that originally belonged to our Jing family.”

She made a direct complaint against me!

I smiled.

The girl was not as collected as I thought.

Old Master Jing nodded evenly, “I know!”

This time it was Jing Ning who was shocked, “You know Grandpa, this is a business deal that 7th uncle has negotiated for the Jing Family! But it has been snatched away by Nanxing! She represents the Tong Corporations! Grandpa, shes the enemy!”

Ye Qian said, “Grandpa, Nanxing took advantage of the chaos and stole our Jing familys business!”

Old Master Jing frowned slightly..

“Our Jing Family Miss Ye, youve referred to yourself as our Jing Family twice already.

Are you from the Jing Family How come I have no idea of that”



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