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Chapter 425: Friends

Translator: Lonelytree

Ye Qians face turned purple.

Jing Ning quickly said, “Grandpa, Ye Qian is my fiancée!”

Old Master Jing looked at him indifferently.

“Jing Ning, how long has it been since Nanyang passed I dont object to you finding a new girlfriend.

But its too early for you to move on like this.

Youre the Jing Familys eldest son.

You need to be cautious with your marriage!”

Ye Qians expression could be described as utterly embarrassed.

She held Jing Nings arm tightly, looking as if she was about to cry.

Jing Nings heartache was written all over his face, and he hurriedly patted her hand to comfort her.

“Grandpa, Ye Qian is only concerned about our family.

You know how important this business is to our family.

This should belong to the Jing Family, so who gave Nanxing the right to steal it from us Shes supposed to be 7th uncles fiance, but she is working against us! I suspect she is behind 7th uncles disappearance!”

Old Master Jing frowned.

“Jing Ning, youre normally quite clever, so why are you suddenly so dumb How can you go around suspecting people without evidence and even bringing in the police Earlier, you suspect Nanxing of kidnapping me.

Now that Im standing here, you suspect her of being related to your 7th uncles disappearance.

How powerful do you think Nanxing is to orchestrate all that” Old Master Jing said with dissatisfaction.

Jing Ning was at a loss for words.

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Ye Qian couldnt help but add, “Old Master, that is because youre not familiar with Nanxings background.”

Old Master Jing interrupted her, “I know her background very well.

You dont have to worry about this.

If anything, its your background that Im not familiar with.

The Jing Family already has to deal with one Jing Qi who is in the underworld.

I cant allow Jing Ning to get wrapped in the underworld too! I was quite satisfied with Jing Ning marrying Nanyang, but you have to force her to her death.

Such a sin!”

Old Master Jing shook his head and made to leave.

Ye Qians words were stuck in her throat.

She must be suffocating from all the accusations.

She suddenly looked at me, her eyes filling with hatred.

I smiled coolly back at her.

She promised me that she wouldnt be my enemy.

If I didnt have the memory from my previous life, I might have believed me.

She and Lu Yan were truly the most venomous pair of sisters.

Jing Ning said anxiously, “Grandpa, were still in public.

Why dont we go somewhere more private to talk Grandpa, Mr.

Smiths business deal is crucial to the Jing Group.

You need to help us!”

The old man patted his grandsons shoulder.


Leave the rest to me.

Consider that you have been given a holiday.

You have done a lot recently.

Im sure youre tired.

Ill take over, and you dont need to worry about the rest.” Old Master Jing turned and left his precious grandson behind.

Jing Ning moved to chase after Old Master Jing, but Ah Mang and Da Xiong stopped him.

They were quite good bodyguards and forced Jing Ning to stop.

The show was over.

It was time for me to leave too.

“Nanxing!” Jing Ning shouted my name angrily.

I glanced at the couple and the reporters.

“Young Master Ning, why are you finding troubles with me If you have any questions, please refer to Old Master Jing.”

I turned to walk away.

I felt so comfortable.

The anger stuck in my chest dissipated.

Ye Qian and Jing Ning thought their plan was flawless.

They didnt expect us to cut a way through it.

I wanted to see how theyd answer to their boss and the real culprit.

Ye Qian and I, we were never destined to be friends.


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